University of Ghana explains steps taken to support students in coronavirus times

Students are back on campus after three months away as the government closed down schools in the fight against coronavirus.

The scourge of the coronavirus pandemic is not over in Ghana, but Ghanaians are beginning to understand that living with the pathogens is now the new normal.

The government has promised to support universities as they re-open to welcome only final year students. has interviewed the Director of Public Affairs at the University of Ghana, Mrs Stella A. Amoa, and here is how the university is helping students to live with the new normal.

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1. How many students are expected back on campus?

A: Final year students number over 12,000 – undergraduates and graduates and for all programmes); so far those who have arrived are largely undergraduates numbering about 2,400.

2. What measures has the university implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

A: No mask, no entry policy in force; mandatory hand washing and application of hand sanitizer; sitting arrangements at various academic facilities such as the Balme Library and Computer labs in line with social distancing guidelines; online questionnaire to help track suspected cases; checking of temperature at vantage points; maximum of 2 persons in a room; and no visits during the stay (applicable to students and non-students).

3. Are the students being housed in all Halls and how many per room?

A: Maximum of two students in a room; in halls where numbers are few, they’re able to do one student to a room.

4. What facilities have been provided to quarantine/self-isolate suspected cases?

A: An isolation centre has been created to handle such cases. This is being done in collaboration with the UG Emergency Response Team.

5. How many PPE’s (Face masks, Veronica Buckets, Liquid Soap etc.) have you received as promised by the government?

A: Provisional quantities
Veronica buckets with stands ̶ 25pcs
Washing bowls ̶ 35
Liquid soap ̶ 50gallons
Tissue paper ̶ 50 rolls
Face masks ̶ 56,782
Gun thermometers ̶ 20
Hand sanitizers ̶ 18,927 bottles.

6. Have you given students the three re-usable masks each as promised by the government?

A: Distribution of face masks is ongoing at the halls; 3 for each registered student. This will be followed by the distribution of sanitizers to start soon.

7. How is the university implementing the “no face mask, no entry” policy because some students have been observed without masks?

A: Security personnel have been tasked to enforce the policy; hall assistants to do the same at their respective halls; staff and students are equally urged to take personal responsibility and comply with the laid down protocols.

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