US-based Ghanaian pastor shoots wife dead

A Florida-based Ghanaian pastor, Sylvester Ofori, has been arrested after allegedly shooting his wife, police in Orlando have said.

Barbara Tommey, 27 years, was on her way to work Tuesday morning when she was shot outside the Orlando credit union.

Barbara Tommey

She was pronounced dead at Orlando Regional Medical Center shortly afterwards.

The Police said the shooting was captured on security footage.

“You can tell that she’s trying to get inside. Unfortunately, he shot her outside of the establishment,” the Orlando Police Chief said.

A witness named only as Lisa said she saw the whole thing as she was waiting outside before the bank opened. “I’m shaken up right now, I’m still shaken up,” she said on a TV channel.

Police said a search warrant was served at the suspect’s apartment and Ofori was taken into custody.

Police say Sylvester Ofori, 35, shot and killed his wife Barbara Tommey outside her job at Navy Federal Credit Union in Orlando Tuesday morning.


Ofori, 35, was taken into custody at his apartment Tuesday evening, the OPD spokesperson said. He is being held at a County jail without bond on a charge of first-degree murder with a firearm.

Mr. Ofori, pastors the Floodgates of Heaven church and, describes himself as a prophet and motivational speaker.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingPhoto: Barbara stands right behind pastor Ofori

He posted on Facebook Monday that people should be careful of caring people.

It triggered several criticisms and expressions of sadness.



  1. Anonymous says

    The so called titles like Pastor, Bishop, Prophets, Deacon Man of God etc itself is a crime. So what I’m saying basically is all this motherfuckers needs to be arrested to do fucking time without trying.

    1. Kim says

      You are a very silly irresponsible human being. Stupid person. You can not judge all. How dare you? It’s better you are anonymous. Stupid being.

      1. Anonymous says

        Kim no need insulting him or her. That’s his or her opinion and not a fact so why waste your time insulting. Two wrongs don’t make a right . God have mercy on us all and forgive us .

    2. Anonymous says

      Look at you even using profanity here. You evwn need to go see a servant of God to pray for you because you are very confused stating that titles are sins… What this man of God dis is wrong but marriage can be a stretch of patience. So, no one can boast that their spouse does not get on ther nerves sometimes. So, we all just need to learn from this mistake and learn to control ourselves better… Sometimes, divorce might be the solution, instead of murder, people…

  2. Anonymous says


    Relax. Time will judge n throw out thr chaff from the good seeds

  3. Nill says

    I think we all hv a job to do on our emotions it’s easy to condemn someone when you hvnt experienced what one is going through.A man can be mad and crazy on suspicion of infidelity and if he is not able to check himself con simply do what this pastor has done.
    It’s time for us to braze ourselves to face any eventuality that comes our way.This can be done through questioning and answering ourselves about what to do in the face of such eventualities and making it a point to act positively or walk away.

    1. Anonymous says

      You are right , but we don’t have control over what people will do. Even if your spouse cheatS on you or whatever, nobody has the right to kill anybody. Yes cheating hurts and we are human . Divorce and cheating is not good but it’s not new it happens all the time and one needs to be mentally and emotionally stable. I don’t know what the wife did but whatever it is the Bible says if your partner cheats and you can forgive,, forgive him or her. More so he is a man of God and should know these things happen. It has happened to some of us several times but we didn’t kill ourselve or somebody as much as I was broken.We are not here to judge all the same wrong is wrong and right is right let’s call a spade a spade . He went to the extreme his wife is nit his child and don’t have any right to take her life. Is love to by force

    2. Anonymous says

      Yes, most marriages dont show happiness, either they divorce or they stay miserably together. More than half couples are not happy, some.countries like the US, it is even 71% divorce. But Africans dont like divorce. Well, nobody likes divorce but sometimes it is a necessary solution instead of this very pretty lady dying shamefully like this…

  4. Anonymous says

    This is so sad. May God help us all

  5. Anonymous says

    Kim , look at how you are attacking the anonymous his or her opinion. I agree with him or her these so called evangelicals especially white evangelicals, are the most hypocrites on earth, a person who preaches to people commits murder. It is hypocrisy just as the white evangelicals do these hate all in the name of god

  6. Anonymous says

    Such a pretty lady is killed like a criminal. My goodness, this man might not know God at all. He planned the attack as someonw who is void of the Spirit of God… My goodness!!! Sometjing might be going very wrong among them at home… Do they have kids? And when the man wrote yo be careful about people, he might have been talking about himself…
    May God have mercy on us all in Jesus Namel!!! Amen

  7. Assifuah says

    When another black kills a black person it may not warrant BLM demonstrations. Maybe this is Female Lives Matter.

  8. Amagashiti Govi says

    Please add “So-called” in front of all those titles.
    So-called pastor, so-called man of god ( because Satan is also a god) not man of God
    Fake crazy titles that attract the unthought and those perishing. Seek the truth and be free but if you seek miracles and anointing and holy oils, the so-called men of god are waiting for you like wolfs. Am free because I know the truth about God-and can NEVER be mislead anymore Amen. Those stupid days are gone.

    1. Anonymous says

      Well said but Grammarly..

  9. Anonymous says

    May God have mercy o. Please let’s us all be careful. Killing her is not worth it at all. May God test her soul🙏🏻

  10. Anonymous says

    He needs to be sentence for about thirty years, and may the wify rest in peace.

  11. Prototype says

    If I get one moment in front of this man, I will kill him in just one second. This is bullshit.

  12. Anonymous says

    Nonsense are you an English teacher or perfect in English? At least you understood what was said for you to say well said madam grammarly I’m waiting for you to correct the grammar to “A plus “.

  13. No nonsense says

    If indeed she mistakenly sent her porn video and pictures with the choir director of their Church in her matrimonial home to her husband, then the pastor didn’t execute the job well. The choir director should have gone earlier before her ( the wife) to deter other unfaithful partners. I believe the Bible frown on adultery, no culture in the world has a place to accommodate it and Islam pronounce victims dead if there is enough evidence. But what is more evidential then the video? It hurt to lose a family member but family integrity is Paramount. I pray that shouldn’t happen to anyone not even my worse enemy. There is nothing wrong getting a divorce and doing all you want in wherever you are if you don’t want to be with me but not in my matrimonial home. It’s unforgiving ‘cos it’s unforgettable especially when there are children involved. It’s too painful for man to be carrying the drum while others are playing it very loud.

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