US-based Ghanaian surgeon charged for allegedly stealing $26m ‘possibly to finance presidential ambitions’

Theghanareport.com has learned, Florida-based Ghanaian surgeon Dr. Moses deGraft-Johnson has been indicted for allegedly falsifying $26m in claims from private health insurers and the US government.

US federal authorities have pointed out, in a 58-count indictment, that Dr. deGraft-Johnson made claims, in some cases, for no work done.

The authorities have doubted his claim to have performed within five years, more than 3,600 medical procedures to ease blood flow through the arteries.

Slikovni rezultat za Dr. Moses deGraft-Johnson

The UK DailyMail news website has reported federal authorities also say he never performed angioplasties, which is a procedure to restore blood flow through narrow or blocked arteries, but has made claims for payments.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles A. Stampelos denied deGraft-Johnson bail after prosecutors said he was a flight risk.

Documents filed in the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida asserted the doctor had political ambitions in Ghana and could, therefore, flee the jurisdiction.

It said deGraft-Johnson had an “ultimate long-term professional goal” to become the president of Ghana.

Authorities noted that the accused was related to Dr. Joseph William Swain de Graft-Johnson who was Ghana’s first vice-president from 1979 to 1981 in the Limann administration.


To buttress their case that the accused is a flight risk, the US Attorney’s Office claimed they found, the doctor had transferred at least $1.8million  to Ghana.

Federal authorities said Dr. Moses deGraft-Johnson had “been hard at work using the proceeds of fraud in the United States to establish an empire in a foreign country.”

William Bubsey who represented the doctor during the detention hearings on Friday called his client a “wonderful doctor” and pledged to “defend him vigorously.”

Bubsey rejected the US government’s claims and argued that whatever monies he wired to Ghana was to help the poor and not to enrich himself.

The trial has been slated to start March 23.

Dr. Moses D. Degraft-Johnson is a thoracic surgeon in Tallahassee, Florida. He received his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years.

  1. Tom says

    You see this is a common practice among people from Africa they are allowed into our Country with every intention of Defrauding our Government just as well as some of our state programs such as the huge fraud for Daycare services here in Minnesota they were so Dumb that they were putting in claims for services on the weekends when they were closed and on some of our National Holidays Dam how stupid can you get with your Dumb ass greed yeah they continue to act there frauds like nothing has happened because our state government protects them because they don’t want to look bad for Bringing them into our Country as fake ass refugee’s yeah fake ass refugee’s there all over our state of Minnesota hell saint cloud Minnesota wants them out of there city so bad that there willing to go to war over the situation of our FAKE ass state still bringing them in and we don’t want them anymore this has got to stop all Africans aren’t like this just the slimy ones that has never ever owned anything more than a few Dollars in there Entire lives and now that they can take advantage of our kindness it’s insane here in Minnesota this also has got to. Stop these people are pariah’s they have to go now

    1. Anonymous says

      You sound like a moron. America has some of the highest crime rates in the world. And the HIGHEST percentage of incarcerated people in the western world. Americans are clearly capable of committing a lot of crime and the facts support that.

      1. Anonymous says

        U don’t own a country bitch

      2. Anonymous says

        Well same thing western countries been doing to in Africa, where do you think all corruptions in Africa starts from, all the predatory loans from western countries, colonial theft, pillage and continuation of stealing of raw material and resources, not condoning what these doctor has done or what westerners do everyday to corrupt African governments, insurance fraud in America is a big business for this doctors

      3. Anonymous says

        Your are Right

      4. Anonymous says

        You are correct and mostly of the crimes are committed by African or Latino Americans unfortunately. Look around the world, do you see any black city or black country that is safe and developed?

        1. Anonymous says

          How much are you paid for such lousy representation of an African, who probably is a king in his kingdom. For slavery he found himself in america slaving away and now you dare say all that shit. Gold,Oil,Diamond,Cobalt and many more minerals are taken out of Africa with African lives lost daily. You are just full of shit. I won’t be surprised that you are black man pulling this stunt. Shut the f*** up

    2. Anonymous says

      We just doing exactly what your forefathers did when they illegally immigrated to africa just steal your natural and Human Resources to develop their country’s that you enjoy till this day …

      1. Anonymous says

        You right

      2. Anonymous says

        We said.

    3. Anonymous says

      Dear Tom,
      Please go learn English, I’m unsure of what language I just read, I understand you feel cheated, it’s not fair that people from else come and do better in your country but regardless of those people, you would still be at the same level, because it’s not others taking from you but you unable to do for yourself, like it or not, Africans or any group that migrated to the USA are here to stay, we will leave the day you leave because guess what, you migrated here too, so go do what it is you do best and sit on your hands

    4. Ree says

      Bitch this is not your country. Tell me u native American and i will stop. Go do ur DNA and u will find out where u r frim. Het de fuck out. America was built on african resources and people. STUPID

      1. Anonymous says

        Too bad that governments in every country can’t do what’s best for its own people- it would resolve most people’s yearning for a better life. Everyone would want to stay where they were born. Also, if only governments could work together, it would stop the need to build strong militaries, and ultimately utilize their resources for more productive causes. I think that greed and selfishness perneates the fabric of society, and if we can’t resolve some of the most basic negative characteuristics that we face, then ultimately, it will be the core of society’s early demise.

        1. Anonymous says

          It’s not your country. Do you know how many trillions America has stollen from developing countries? If America stop harvesting from where it did not plant, stop causing war, no one will love staying here, too much stress and slavery.

    5. No Nonsense. says

      U are sick in the head. U and whose country. Do you know who the great land called America belongs.

    6. Anonymous says

      You are nothing but racist tyrants and low life redneck.

    7. Anonymous says

      I’m still trying to find out what he did wrong, America does this shit all the time to other countries. Soooo what’s the problem?😐

      1. Anonymous says

        As many or more Americans do fraud right here. Most Africans who come to USA are educated, honest and hard working family oriented, so please stop with the “those people” low mentality you are showing.

    8. Anonymous says

      Look at who is crying foul?

    9. Anonymous says

      What you white people did to our people through slavery in Africa is worse than Dr Moses $26 millions.

      1. Anonymous says

        If you studied history you’d know that most of the slaves were purchased from the local African tribes. It’s the Africans capturing other Africans and sold them to the western powers. Which other race in the world capture and sell their own people ?

        1. Anonymous says

          It meant those groups involved are but one mind set.the buyer promoted the trade for his cheapness.

        2. Anonymous says

          That’s not true. It’s a cover up story.

    10. Joe says

      There goes a race-baiting xenophobic buffoon. Crime is crime, regardless of nationality. Trump is deporting immigrants with DUI convictions. Then I read that over 1 million US citizens were convicted of DUI last year.

    11. Anonymous says

      Tom you are soo stupid. Your America is evil,worse and destructive. If you live Africa and it’s natural resources, we’ll happily return home. We come here, slave and send it home through MoneyGram bc this is not a place to retire and live like a queen or King. Live Africa alone and we’ll continue to take and return to Africa where it belongs. So stay quiet and eat some potatoes, that’s all you got.

    12. Anonymous says

      How can u judge the whole Continent????

      1. Anonymous says

        You sound like a A whole to me

    13. Anonymous says

      So what do you propose to do about the theft Europeans so freely engaged in ALL African countries. Just a thought…..give it back with no interest and all African will go back and leave your Minnesota alone. Deal?

  2. Wiseguy says

    Let the Judge or the Jury do their job. He’s entitled to due process until proven guilty or innocent.

  3. Anonymous says

    Tom you sound stupid for even allowing that thought to come in your mind and then for you to type it up really shows how ignorant you are. People that are not from the USA are not all bad people. We have some that are from the USA and here from Minnesota that does worst than this. You really need to get your mind right. He made a bad decision like we all have done maybe not as bad as others but, we all mess up but for you to say that it’s Africans that’s wrong on every level. And NO I’m not African I was born here in the USA but I don’t allow ignorance to cloud my judgment because ignorance is a bliss. So before you type or speak about something think it clearly and get a better understanding before you ridicule others.

  4. Anonymous says

    Ignorant Tom. What do you know about Africans? Your country indeed.

  5. Anonymous says

    Ghanaian are fraudulent people’s most African are.

    1. Kojo says

      It takes fraudulent people like you to know another.

    2. Ola says

      U are sick in Head saying ghanaians bud ok,go to hell

  6. Sam thomas says

    Why do you doubt him?
    Am a surgeon and think it’s possible to do these procedures.
    Who is a true Rican?? certainly not by stealing and killingood people for their land

  7. Anonymous says

    Ok people, what is needed for all human kind is prayer. We have all sin and fall short, what should be our greatest concern is…one day we ALL will die..are we prepare to meet HIM? Read psa 51. Blessings.

  8. Anonymous says

    The law would deal with him
    Let the law work

  9. kojo says

    Push off with your xenophobic and racist dog-whistling. America is a country of immigrants and unless you are a native American Indian, the country does not belong to you and anyone else, including Herr Drumpf the president , who is himself a crook and a serial bankrupt ,who has, so far, refused to release his tax returns because of what he is hiding. It speaks volumes about degenerate and ignorant tropes like you, than it speaks about the rest of the refugees and other immigrants that the narcissist and racist Trump has emboldened.

  10. kojo says

    Push off with your xenophobic and racist dog-whistling. America is a country of immigrants and unless you are a native American Indian, the country does not belong to you and anyone else, including Herr Drumpf the president , who is himself a crook and a serial bankrupt ,who has, so far, refused to release his tax returns because of what he is hiding. It speaks volumes about degenerate and ignorant tropes like you,that the narcissist and racist Trump has emboldened than it speaks about the refugees and immigrants in America .

  11. Anonymous says

    American people are great people, but there are some dumb ones like Tom. Ghanaians and for that matter, Africans are doing great for Americans in America, in medicine, education, engineering, you name it. Go check the facts. There are worst cases, more criminal that Americans commit, e.g. do you know the case of Purdue pharmaceutical company? and the billions of US Dollars made unethically? Please don’t say what you do not know. For sure, Ghanaians in the US are doing great for the country.

    1. Anonymous says

      You are very right. Tom’s reasoning and writing are purely juvenile. No punctuation, just rambling and spurious talking points not grounded in fact. He has no knowledge of history especially how Africa is still seen as a place to be exploited and robbed of her natural resources. Using one or two isolated cases of impropriety by some individuals to smear an entire race is purely bigotry and prejudicial, to say the least. Corruption and thievery are prevalent in almost every place where human beings live. Only God knows what Tom has done in his lifetime that is not yet out. So be careful, the ashes you throw, may just come right back and follow you when you turn your back.

  12. Enoch Addo says

    Dr moses is a wonderful and honest man , any encounter you have with him can change your life and make you efficient in whatever you do. I never regret knowing him and am sure this is one of the plots to break him down but trust me Dr moses I know won’t be disturbed by this and will come come out successfully 🙏🙏🙏✊✊✊✊

  13. Jack says

    Tom, are you a native American? If yes, what is your tribe? I do not condone such illegalities but to smear a whole group of people just because of one person’s greed is quite unfortunate. Be abreast with what the West is doing around the globe before spewing garbage okay?

  14. Anonymous says

    Well u know the developed countries got there by colonialism,slavery.Now comes someone from Africa and frauds the system and we are crying.

    1. Officer says

      Well he will have his day in court, so Tom pull the brakes on your rush to judgement stop being ignorant you will probably do same and stop bashing.

  15. Officer says

    Well he will have his day in court, so Tom pull the brakes on your rush to judgement stop being ignorant you will probably do same and stop bashing.

  16. Anonymous says

    I don’t need the internet to describe who Dr.Moses is to me, cuz I know he is a very pure person and a best mentor ever. we all are never free from traps as far as we are alive, but always pray that the trap of your enemies never reaches you!💔🙏🏻….
    Pray to have a 2seconds encounter with him n you will regret throwing shades at him on social media!!
    I believe he is innocent so dear Lord please take the wheel🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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