Use your works to promote African culture —Founder of Rahela Collections

Ethiopian Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Rahel Edegilign Desalegn of Rahela Collections has stated that African fashion designers must project the culture and identity of the continent with their works.

According to her, there were distinct African designs and symbols African designers could integrate into their works to make them stand out from other fashion designers from other parts of the world.

She told Graphic Showbiz African fashion designers have been influenced and perhaps, ‘bullied’ with the concept of the world being a global village to dominate their works with ‘Western idea of fashion’.

“I don’t think there is any group of people with rich culture that influences their lives like Africans. There are many traditional wears that African fashion designers including myself can develop into beautiful creations to meet global standards.

“Today, Africans proudly wear three-piece suits and that has helped in the promotion of the culture of some people. African fashion designers can also have such global influence when we deliberately take steps to push our culture through dressing”, she said.

Rahel disclosed that she abandoned her engineering course for fashion at the university because she had always nursed the ambition of venturing into fashion industry.

And that is paying off today with her remarkable progress including participating in Hub of Africa Fashion Week and FA254 mentorship programme in 2021/2022.

Last year, she participated in Fire on the Runway International Show and had the chance to promote her brand in Ghana.

“I have a new collection, Gye Nyame Collection which is influenced by a research I did on the popular Adinkra symbols such as Gye Nyame, Duafe and Sankofa during my time in Ghana in December last year”, she added.

Rahela Collection is a popular Ethiopian brand that makes Afro-Bohemian clothing and apparel with the goal of promoting Pan Africanism and Sustainability.

Last year, the brand was adjudged the Most Creative and Innovative Designer at African Mosaique Fashion event.

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