Vodafone employees to enjoy 4 months parental leave

Vodafone has introduced a new policy that enables all its employees to have more time with their families while welcoming a new child.

Per its new parenting policy, every employee whose partner is having a baby, adopts a child or becomes a parent through surrogacy will enjoy four months of paid leave.

The four months paid policy extends to male employees of the company.

The Director of Human Resource at the company, Hannah Ashiokai Akrong expressed her excitement about the new policy.

“We are excited about the new policy that offers more flexibility to our employees who will now enjoy four months paid leave as the welcomes new additions.

“Our business success is undermined by the well-being of our employees, who are our most valuable asset. This is why we stretch our limits of offer them exceptional working conditions and policies that empower them to give their best.”

According to the Human Resource Director, the company prides itself with a number of industry firsts’ when it comes to the employee experience.

She said employees can access the leave within the first 18 months after their child is born or adopted.

“This new Parental Leave Policy is a global policy that will benefit all Vodafone employees. It further underlines the company’s strong commitment to diversity and gender equality,” she added.

In March 2015, Vodafone pioneered a global maternity policy, offering women across Vodafone’s markets and operations a minimum of 4 months fully paid maternity leave and a 30-hour week at full pay for the first six months after their return to work.

The topic of maternity and in recent times paternity leave seems to be at the discretion of the employer.

Ghana’s labour laws have made provisions for women to be given paid maternity leave for a period of no less than 3 months plus the duration of her annual leave.


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