Voters register goes viral as EC chalks a first

For the first time ever, Ghana’s entire voter’s register can be accessed on a phone.

The Electoral Commission released it yesterday, showing all the names of the more than 17 million voters.

The register has since gone viral with a link to the google drive that stores the information being shared on various platforms.

Dr Bossman Asare, a Deputy EC Chair in charge of Corporate Services, confirmed the authenticity of the link to theghanareport.com.

The decision has attracted for the EC a growing queue of praises.

Some say it deepens transparency and eliminates the fetish partisanship parties attach to the register.

It has been the preserve of political parties to have the document.

The voter’s register has never been released to the public.

It is usually exhibited for the electorate to verify their names and details.

That has already been done this year, even with the added benefit of verifying a voter’s inclusion via text.

But going a step further, the EC has shattered what some would say is a mythical aura around the register.

Some have raised concerns about data protection and the vulnerability of voter details being harvested for criminal activities.

The names have been grouped according to regions, constituencies and polling centres.

To check your name, you can visit the link below:




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