WATCH: Twitter erupts over sexual harassment of two women at taxi rank

Twitter has erupted over a video of a group of men chasing two women as a taxi rank, somewhere in South Africa.

In the video, the women are seen walking through the rank and men can be seen running after them, at one point, a man lifts up one of the women’s outfits, exposing her buttocks.

In the background, other women can be heard telling the men to leave the two alone.


While many argued that the women were ‘not dressed appropriately’, others defended them adding that the men were the problem.

“There is nothing wrong with the outfits, the problem is the horny men who can’t control their lust. Their behaviour is the very same that would make (them) rape and say “they asked for it”. We can’t be dictated to by men on what to wear,” tweeted @gumbi_mapaseka



Another user, @_This_Is_Bee tweeted: “I don’t even know man angazi. I just feel so sad for those girls. The trauma! Being violated like that and there’s nothing they could’ve done to stop what those disgusting men were doing when are we going to be free as women? When?”




Another user said he was ashamed be a man in SA.



@Tlouu tweeted: “The fact that they are following them and making sexual moves on them. This is rape culture at its best. The audacity to pull up the other girls dress.”



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