We never said story on MPs infected with coronavirus is not true – Kate Addo

The Director of Public Affairs in Parliament, Kate Addo, has made a U-turn after out-rightly denying reports that some two parliamentarians and 13 parliamentary staff allegedly tested positive for coronavirus.

“It is not as if anybody said it is not true, what was said was that we do not know for a fact that this is what it is,so it could more,it could less,it could be there,it could not be there” she stressed

She said the Public Affairs Directorate of Parliament had not been briefed on the outcome of the tests.

The official statement from parliament after the story on infected MPs broke was;

“Parliament would like to state categorically that the results of the tests are not yet known and so the report by Starrfmonline is not true… The confidentiality protocol is that, those who test positive will be called directly by the testing team.

“Officially Parliament is unaware of any such call and, therefore, there hasn’t been any official figures giving by the National COVID-19 response team,” the statement read.

Two MPs test positive for COVID-19

The Director of Parliament Medical Services, Dr. Prince Pambo, also denied the reports

‘The exercise was meant, not only for members of Parliament, but the staff of Parliament, as well as other support staff who have a duty in the parliamentary precinct and the results, will be made known to them individually” he said

In less than 24 hours, Minority Chief Whip, Mubarak Mohammed Muntaka called out the leadership of parliament for lying to the public.

‘Parliament lied’ – Muntaka confirms 2 MPs tested positive for coronavirus

“When you go and lie to the people who pay us, you are endangering the lives of the staff, the parliamentarians and the general public.”

“I’m saying this with a lot of pain because national interest must be protected at all times,” he said.

Ms Addo in an interview on JoyNews monitored by theghanareport.com said the minority whip could be privy to information that she may not have.

“The honourable minority whip is higher placed in Parliament, he is privy to information that I may not have, but the official information that I have is that as we speak now testing is still going on, more people are going to be tested”

“Those who may test positive will be contacted privately this is not information that will be made publicly ….I have spoken to both sides of the house and to the medical director and he told me  they were waiting for a case summary which will contain every information on the testing, there won’t be specific names but a number,” she added



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  1. Lee Gyamfi says

    this is relieving to hear. I am not talking about the presence of the infection but the fact that it has been found out .Will they drop the partisan things and care more?

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