We trusted the teachers – Distraught mother of dead student laments

Before the announcement of the reopening of Senior High School on June 22, authorities in the health and education sector promised a rigorous protocol to protect students.

But that was not the case for the distraught mother of a final year student of the KNUST Senior High School, who has been left shattered.

The distraught mother, Comfort Baidoo, has questioned why some teachers of the KNUST SHS watched unconcerned for her child to die.

“Why did they just stand there and watch my son? Why didn’t they do anything? Tech hospital (KNUST Hospital) is just around the corner. Why didn’t they even call an ambulance?” the distraught mother said.

The shattered mother’s lamentations follow the death of her son,  Leonard, who died after he suffered hours of severe stomach pains in school.

The stomach ulcer patient’s death sparked anger among his peers in school, who accused the school authorities of failing to attend to their dying colleague.

A viral video showed 17-year-old Leonard left helpless in the care of his friends for several hours while he battled for his life.

His teachers looked on as the Form three Business student struggled to survive the unbearable pain over claims they feared he had contracted COVID-19.

Leonard died after his father picked him up to the hospital from school. He raced through traffic with a taxi to get to the school.

Madam Baidoo also questioned the integrity of the government’s promise and assurance of protection for students, as they returned to school to prepare for their exit exams.

“We were told that the president (Nana Akufo-Addo) had directed that all parents should stay away from the schools. They said ambulance and nursing services would be provided for sick students. So we placed our trust in the teachers.

“I even followed up to the Senior House Master who showed me where my son would sleep. So after all that, I told them I was leaving the boy in their care. They said okay. Only for this to happen,” she said.

The family of the deceased is seeking justice and relief from the government.

“We plead with government, whether justice or relief, it’s in government’s hands. We’re watching government,” she stated.

The father of the 17-year-old said his family is awaiting a visit from officials of the Ghana Education Service (GES) and some family members to decide on the burial of their son.


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