What You Need To Keep In Mind When Posing For Photos

If you love spontaneous photoshoots, you need to choose the angles and poses that work best for you.

Posing is one of the essential elements of a photoshoot. In professional settings, models are paid for more than their good looks. As with acting, models are paid for their ability to convey emotions, characteristics, and ideas through their posing in front of a camera. They’ve perfected a number of different poses that look stunning in photos.

Here are three mistakes made when posing for photos:

  1. Don’t overextend your body.

When women hold unnatural poses in order to emphasize certain features, the photos will look forced. Pushing your body into exaggerated positions can also show on your face, which makes for an awkward photo. Don’t overextend  your arms, legs or chest – instead, hold your body in ways that feel natural for you.

  1. Don’t pout.

As popular as the “duck face” has become, try not to pout in your photoshoots. A strong pout may show off your lips and cheekbones, but at this point, it’s cliché. Instead, experiment with a variety of facial expressions and see what plays to the camera best. You’ll love the end result!

  1. Don’t forget about your “good side.”

Most of us don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces, but almost everyone has a “good side” that’s prime for photoshoots. However, if you don’t pose for photos often, you might not know which is your “good side.” Your “good side” is the more expressive side of your face – it really is that simple!

Now that you know the don’ts of posing, here are four poses you’ll love, inspired by high resolution stock photos:

  1. Cradle your head with your arms.

This pose is perfect for a dreamy, romantic photoshoot. Simply raise your arms, curve your body and rest your head on one arm.

  1. Look up.

This is one of the best poses for any type of woman. It’ll focus on your eyes and make your face look more symmetrical, which makes it great for an informal headshot. You’ll look completely deep in thought – and you’ll love this look!

  1. Look over one shoulder.

No matter whether your photoshoot involves standing or sitting, this look will stand out. Simply look over one shoulder, and the camera will capture your entire profile!

If you love being in front of the camera and are looking for some new photo poses to try, these four options will take your social media game to the next level. Whether you opt for a romantic look or a more contemplative one, you’re sure to find the perfect poses for every shoot. Just don’t forget editing the final image later!

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