Who wants violence on December 7?

Time, even though without wings, flies so fast. I’m in awe at the speed of time by just checking my calendar and realising that the first nine months of the year is about ending.

Today is a seed for tomorrow.  You reap tomorrow what you sow today.

Four years ago, sounds like a year ago If only you can vividly remember a major national activity that took place which is about taking place this same year.
Time indeed waits for no man, and time without wings yet flies so fast.

Four years ago, Ghana engaged in an electoral journey within the confines of the then ten regions to elect the first man of the country.

Over 16 people were filled with hope to contest for the 2016 general election, yet only seven candidates had that hope not deferred after the Electoral Commission disqualified about nine candidates.

Ghanaian presidential candidates urged to sign peace accord | News Ghana

Although about seven people seemed to be contesting for the presidential seat, the main battle was between the two candidates of the most dominant party in the country, the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party.

Amidst the anxieties and the several predictions made by citizens, I would say that on a whole, we had a peaceful election with current President Akufo-Addo winning in one round.

Nevertheless, I look at recent happenings and I pray to the Lord to touch the heart of some Ghanaians to maintain the peace of the country today, tomorrow and forever even after election 2020.

It’s barely three months to election 2020 and some registration centres turned into battlegrounds.

People of different calibre, rank, positions and the like are turning registration centres to war and death zone.

Can’t peace continue to prevail in this country?

What makes this election so different that one would want to sacrifice the life and peace of another before the election day itself?

Whatever your reason may be,  it is not well enough to instigate violence even before the election.

Since when did we (Ghanaians) start to engage in violence over an identification card?

Violence is a No! before, during and after the election.

If you feel you are strong to fight over ID cards and the upcoming elections, then use your strength to fight against COVID-19.

I’m wondering a bit, are you going to be part of the elect? If no, why do you want to “kill” yourself and kill another? If you are also going to be elect, is violence a passageway to the top?

Why trade the peace of the entire nation for something that is not going to be ordained by you?

You can not be the majority alone, so don’t instigate violence for the majority.

The majority is decided by GOD. No matter your wish for who should be in the majority and who should be the minority, it is not your wish that matters. It is theLord who raises kings to rule. He (God) forms the majority. You are just a means for the Lord to raise a king, so do not go before Him.

Do not tamper with the peace of this country for what is going to be ordained by the heavens.

Ghana is a peaceful country and let’s do our best as Ghanaians to preserve and sustain the peace of the country.

If it is within your power to insist that the right thing be done, do it, but it should not be done through violence.

You can be firm and still not be violent.
Be firm, not violent.




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