Why Every College Student Needs To Go On An Adventure

When you think of college, do you ever think of going on trips or exploring other places? 

You might think of when you’ll meet with your friends at night, go out to watch a movie, hit the gym, or visit the bar. You’ll perhaps see fellow college students hanging out at those places, and you’ll feel the need to join as well.

While the typical college scene may involve nights out with friends, movie marathons, or gym sessions, there’s a world of adventure waiting beyond these familiar settings. As a college student, embarking on weekend or weekday trips can be a transformative experience. It can expand your worldview and offer a refreshing break from the academic grind.

Although it may seem like a lame idea initially, you’ll be surprised at how much there is to explore around you. You can visit suburban towns, take pictures, or commute to other big cities nearby.

Wherever you go and explore a new area, you will become more aware of your surroundings and realize the differences and nuances between various places. And you’ll see how your experiences differ from those portrayed in the media.

Moreover, you’ll have the chance to explore places you never thought of and gain insights about the people around you. This will enable you to build a more diverse network of individuals while learning about their unique interests and experiences, fostering your personal growth and understanding.

In addition to the relationships you’ll forge, trips have been scientifically proven to be a boon for mental health. In a 2013 survey of 485 adults in the United States, results indicated that traveling can boost empathy, energy, and focus. Moreover, planning a trip can even lead to increased mental health benefits. A 2014 study by Cornell University concluded that anticipation of a trip can heighten an individual’s happiness. It underscores the importance of self-care and rejuvenation.

As college students, we need time to destress, focus, and accomplish our tasks and homework to the fullest extent. Sometimes, a getaway may be the perfect answer.

A getaway is a method for us to rejuvenate ourselves, explore the world, and realize what life has to offer besides academics and our career plans. Trips are also crucial for interpersonal growth: they allow us to appreciate new things, escape from the hassles of daily responsibility, and improve cognition.

College is the perfect time for growth. We’re given a chance to utilize our time and experience life to the fullest. While most of the experience is depicted through party nights or get-togethers, trips are just another amazing alternative.

Unlike parties and clubs, there is more to see and experience. And more to learn about as well.

So why not hop on the train right now? Go on the adventure and see where it takes you. Bon voyage!

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