Why not Ghana beyond Corruption? – Netherlands Ambassador asks Akufo-Addo

Source The Ghana Report/Gloria Kafui Ahiable

The Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana, Ronald Strikker has tasked President Akufo-Addo to pursue an agenda of a ‘Ghana beyond Corruption’ and not just an agenda of ‘Ghana beyond aid’.

His comment comes on the back of a series of corruption allegations levelled against a number of appointees of President Akufo-Addo in recent time.

In a viral video, Ronald Strikker is seen and heard suggesting a more direct approach to dealing with the several issues of corruption bedeviling the country insisting that the canker, if not checked, may affect investor confidence.

“Corruption is a very bad thing, millions will be lost, companies will suffer and continue to stay away if corruption continues to persist in the country, ” the Ambassador stressed.

He noted “The story now is, the official policy is Ghana beyond aid, why not Ghana beyond Corruption? Why not channel the same energy into fighting corruption in the country?” he quizzed.

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