Why There’s So Much More To A Relationship Than Wild Sex

So many people say that the best sex is fun, exciting, and different. Sex doesn’t have to be wild and crazy to be enjoyable, though.

Some intimate time is more about spiritual connection than physical contact, and there’s more to a relationship than just sexual moments too.

Developing a strong bond requires more than just a physical connection too — it also requires a mental and emotional one. We need to be present, open, and honest with each other. No matter what we do in bed — or if we do anything at all — it’s important to be vulnerable with our partners.

The beauty of being with a partner is that it doesn’t have to be sexual all the time.

If you and your significant other watch a movie together, you can gently cuddle with each other and support each other when you get emotional. Sexuality isn’t the only important part of a relationship. When you and your partner communicate your feelings and connect on a deeper level, you can still share special, intimate moments that deepen your connection.

Wild sex can be a lot of fun, but if it’s the basis of your relationship, you lose sight of the most meaningful parts of the connection that you share with your partner. Without an emotional connection, how can you deepen your bond with your partner?

The truth is that usually, you can’t.

Of course, not everyone likes having intimacy revolve around sex either, and those who do are all different. Everyone has their own preferences both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Not everyone likes trying the same things, but when you and your partner find ways to meet each other’s needs, that can sometimes feel more satisfying than sex itself. After all, sex should be a time to explore differences and respect and accept each other.

If you want to have the best sex of your life, remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to try wild new positions or take sex outside of the bedroom. The most beautiful moments that you share with your partner might be during your “usual” sex — or they might not even have anything to do with sex.

It’s ultimately all about the intimacy and emotional connection that you share with your partner — no matter what that looks like for you. The most important part of any relationship is making sure that both partners feel a sense of safety, love, and respect in each other. You don’t have to go wild in the bedroom for the most intimate parts of your relationship to be special.

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