Why vote for the ‘Short Man’?

Nana Akufo-Addo

I’ve heard the accolades and platitudes of him being a visionary and a generational thinker. I hear all the talk about the successful implementation of the Free Senior High School (FSHS) policy, I’ve also heard all the talk about how he has stridently or more appropriately, how he is stridently rolling out the 1 District 1 Factory (1D1F) policy.

I’ve also heard a lot of talk about the restoration of certain incentives or allowances to university faculty, teacher and nursing trainees, etc. I’ve heard about the robust and inventive handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and critical “social interventions” he implemented.

All these things are good but…but shouldn’t that be the usual expectation of our leaders and governments?

In reality, not all leaders or governments demonstrate dynamism like he’s done which explains why some people are in awe and why others are expected to be in awe. In voting, I look beyond that.

The reason why I will cast my vote for him is because I can identify with him as a short man (and also being bald). My hair is thinning and I feel “I am balding”. Short people are often derided. Being short is sometimes seen as a “disability”. If you have the “misfortune” of not having good looks (per social/cultural standards) then you will be caught in a tighter bind. Some people use the euphemistic label of “VC” for us which translates as “vertically challenged”.

With his ascendency to the Presidency, Nana Akufo-Addo gave me hope. He proved against all odds that goals can be accomplished, and life-long dreams can be realized despite one’s physical stature. He enhanced the odds of me finding a sweetheart because he easily became a visible point of reference.

Historically, I’ve heard of Napoleon (Bonaparte) and others but it is great to have my own local point of reference. He also gave me hope because my “pool of eligibles” widened as I could “marry up” just as he did. The height differential between him and Maa Rebecca is another good reference point for me.

Despite having failed “severally” to get his party’s nod to be the flagbearer, despite the political vitriol and drivel, slandering and character assassination with accusations of being temperamental and having a violent and rebellious disposition, being tribalistic, and spurious allegations of spousal murder, this short man (Nana Akufo-Addo) stood tall. To me, he’s been a good herald for short men (and maybe even short women).

He’s been a good paragon for us. He has enhanced our stock. His hutzpah for dealing with “failure” and facing the odds is contagious and an encouragement for personal and professional diligence. At least now I can also dream of leadership and even being a president.


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