Woman claiming to be Rawling’s daughter prevented from attending funeral

A 52-year-old woman claiming to be the first daughter of former president Rawlings has been prevented from entering the funeral grounds of the late president.

In a video circulating o social media, the woman, Abigail Mawutor ‘Rawlings’ was sent away by security personnel at the International Conference Center.

She had earlier told the media that she was the first child of the man who ruled Ghana from 31st December 1981 to December 2000.

According to her, her Togolese mother and the late former president were childhood lovers, and she the outcome of that affair.

She said her mother before her death told her Rawlings was her father.

“My mother said Rawlings had to go to school and that if his family knew that he had impregnated her, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to further his education so she kept it as a secret. They were childhood lovers and because of the love my mother had for him, she also didn’t mention him and got him to go to school,”.

She, however, said her efforts to reconcile with her siblings for the past 20 years have proven futile.

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