World Cup 2022: FIFA president describes group stage as best ever in tournament’s history

FIFA President Gianni Infantino hailed the 2022 World Cup group stage as the best ever in the competition’s history.

This year’s group stage has seen some major upsets in the competition history such as Saudi Arabia’s win against Argentina, Japan’s beating Germany and Belgium’s loss to Morocco.

There was also drama in the final round of matches as qualification for the last 16 went right to the wire in some of the groups, and Infantino says there has never been a World Cup to match it.

“I have seen all the matches, indeed, and put very simply and very clearly, this has been the best group stage of a FIFA World Cup ever. So, it’s very promising for the remainder of the FIFA World Cup,” Infantino said.

“The matches have been of great, great quality in beautiful stadiums – we knew that already. However, as well, the public who was there was incredible. Over 51,000 on average.”

“There are no more small teams and no more big teams,” Infantino added.

“The level is very, very equal. For the first time as well, national teams from all continents going to the knock-out phase, for the first time in history. This shows that football is really becoming truly global.”

FIFA said the cumulative attendance for the 48 group matches was 2.45 million, though there have been concerns at some games about the number of empty seats clearly visible.

Infantino added: “When it comes to stadium attendance, the stadiums are sold-out, full practically at every match. The fan festivals, the different fan zones, are also very crowded with people celebrating and enjoying (themselves).”

The World Cup has reached the quarterfinals stage with matches starting on Friday.

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