YouTube asked to mute Team Eternity Ghana’s Defe Defe as copyright issue heightens

The dispute over copyright infringement between prominent Ghanaian music producer Kwame Mickey and the musical group Team Eternity has taken a surprising turn. Kwame Mickey accuses Team Eternity of stealing the hit song “Defe Defe” released 20 years ago.

OFM Computer World and Debrich Group of Companies, a multinational entity with operations in Ghana, Nigeria, and Europe, acting on behalf of Kwame Mickey, has served Team Eternity Ghana with a formal legal notice accusing them of copyright infringement. (Related articles: Team Eternity Ghana faces ‘song theft’ allegation over ‘Defe Defe’, Team Eternity could be guilty over Defe Defe song —Copyright office)

The letter, sighted by Graphic Showbiz alleges that Team Eternity Ghana illegally manipulated and edited the original track to incorporate it into their own work without obtaining the necessary permissions from the copyright holders.

According to Debrich Group’s analyst and optimizer, this unauthorised editing and use of the original track constitute a clear case of copyright infringement. As a result, OFM Computer World, acting on behalf of the copyright owners, has formally requested that YouTube remove the video to prevent further unauthorised use and public exposure, and to protect the rights of the original creators.

The letter, signed under penalty of perjury by a representative of Debrich Group, categorically states that the music sampling used by Team Eternity Ghana was neither authorised by the copyright owner nor did it meet legal standards.

The notice includes a link to the original “DEFE DEFE” track by Hallelujah Voices, allowing recipients to compare the two works and understand the basis of the infringement claim.

The letter also indicates that Debrich Group is prepared to pursue legal action in the courts of Accra, Ghana, to protect the rights of their client, should the matter not be resolved amicably.

See letter below:

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