10 Signs NPP Is Damn Serious To Retain Power In Ghana

1. The launch of the second phase of Planting for the “Food and Jobs” program.
2. Overt plans aimed to bring the Saglemi Housing Project saga to a close. The government says it will award the project to private investors to complete the construction of the 1,500 housing units before the end of 2024 at an estimated cost of 100 million dollars.
3. The sudden rehabilitation of roads in a state of abeyance.
4. The increase in cocoa producer price by nearly 59 percent.
5. The successful hosting of the 2024 All-Africa Games allegedly at a whooping cost of 230 million dollars.
6. Staying the course in economic programs at the expense of the LGBTQ+ pressures. By this, the government sees a rebound in the economy as more of a priority as it puts the parliament-sanctioned bill in limbo. It crucially needs international funding to revive the ailing Ghanaian economy, and its posture reveals a government not ready to lose major financial sources over a straightforward approval of the bill.
7. In the figment of critics, the party’s flagbearer, Dr Bawumia may be a liability for having most of his pledges or platitudes defeated by the dismal state of the economy.  However, he is a very learned person whose advice to the public to adopt a “wait and see” attitude to redemptive measures cannot be taken lightly.
8. Rumours the NPP plans to select a woman as the Running Mate of the Flagbearer just as the opposition party did, shows a party determined to have a stake in all political constituencies. The choice of the Flagbearer himself who is a northerner is a catch-up work by the incumbent vying not to let the opposition led by another northerner on the loose.
9. Placing another juicy layer or garnish on the Free SHS Project is a huge sign the party is not taking chances. Though the political opposition has punched holes in this move, there is no let up in the government’s quest to distribute learning tablets to all SHS students in Ghana.
10. The quick-silver action on power outages, popularly called “dumsor,” is a major step in not letting any power crisis dissolve in their plans to retain power. It has been said that the stopgap solution is the result of an order by the President urging Ghana to stop the export of power but to conserve it for internal use. The NDC’s Dr. Kwabena Donkor says this action has dire economic, security, and strategic implications for Ghana.

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