10 unusual things couples should do together once a year

American socialite Kim Kardashian appeared on ‘The Tonight Show‘ Tuesday recently, talking about her skincare routine and how her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson has been a big boost in the skincare department.

She said the pimple treatment has been a major bonding moment for their connection. In fact, Davidson has taken it upon himself to be Kim’s knight in shining armour against pimple attacks.

I kept on talking all night. ‘Oh my God, I have this pimple, I have this pimple. Don’t let me fall asleep. I have to put pimple medicine on it before I go to sleep. I fell asleep, forgot, and woke up in the morning with dry pimple medicine on my face. He put it on in my sleep. Such a gentleman,” Kim swooned.

This is just one of those unusual things that bring couples closer and does wonders not only for their intimacy, but for their personal well-being. Other than pimple treatment, here are ten things you and your significant other can engage in.


Turn it into a tradition for a road trip or a tour to visit the place where you first got together. It will keep the memories of the honeymoon stage, the funny stories you fondly look back on alive, says Susan Trombetti, professional matchmaker.


Turn birthdays and holidays into huge celebrations of milestones and dates. They not only call for celebration, they represent new beginnings, a new year of mutual love, health and keeping one another happy.

They represent another chance to start a fresh slate together for the coming year,” Nikki Martinez, psychologist.


Have a routine with each other for health issues at least once a year. Especially the skin and areas you are only comfortable showing to your partner. What might seem normal to you might stand out as a potential issue to your partner.


According to Martinez, food is one of the most primal nurturing things and feeding your partner is a sure way to their heart. Introduce a blindfold and it may do wonders for your sex life.


Cut out a day in your calendar when you go out and act like strangers meeting for the very first time. You can take it to the next level by pretending to be somebody completely new. A change of names and background story. It might reach a point where you can be spontaneous with this part of your relationship.


Take a weekend off to trade places in doing house chores. Taking a walk in your partner’s shoes will give you more understanding and appreciation of what the other person does individually and how it nurtu//res the relationship.


A change of scenery can be what will give you a sense of break from the stressful schedule of demanding jobs and lifestyles. Book a room and treat each other to room service, a bath, massage and plenty relaxing activities.


Get out and meet people you don’t normally see or meet. During people-watching you can learn a lot about what your partner finds interesting. It is also a fun way of coming up with stories together.

Relationship guru, Danny Zoucha says that couples intentionally putting themselves in demanding situations can help them rediscover their strengths in leaning on one another.

When you leave yourselves no other option but to lean on one another during self-imposed stressful situations, you build the foundation of a long-lasting, incredibly passionate, rock-solid, able-to-stand-up-to-hurricanes romance that we all actually want, but few of us have the stomach to build,” he says.


Take phones and other tech items out of your time together at least once a year, and take the trouble to reconnect for however long you choose.

And if this is scary…


It is amazing what happens when you get over a fear, together,” Trombetti says.

You’ve heard the saying ‘two heads are better than one’, and it might just be what you need to face some of your fears or scary activities. It could be trying a new strange food or skinny-dipping, whatever the activity your trust in each other will be stronger for it.

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