#10yearchallenge: See epic throwback photos of Ghanaian celebs

The world of social media comes with viral trends. So, it is not surprising to see different things trend on social media every day.

Not everybody joins in the trend or follows the hashtags however the new trend #10yearchallenge has sparked a social media rouse.

This trend which went viral on Monday, January 14, is being followed by people from all works of life, showcasing the progress they have made in their lives and our celebrities do not want to be left out of the challenge.

Some Ghanaian celebrities have taken to their social media pages to put out images of their lives from 10 years ago and juxtapose them to images of their lives now.

Juliet Ibrahim, Moesha Buduong, King Promise, Kuami Eugene and many others have joined in the trend to show fans their lives 10 years ago.

See photos below:

Actress Juliet Ibrahim after posted her #10yearchallenge photo and captioned “#AToastToLife, Glory be to God.”


Musician D-Black took to Instagram to share his photo with the caption “2008 meets 2018.” My first ever video shoot (2008) D-Black and Kwaku t-Move. Spent all the money i had on the outfit so couldn’t finish paying for the videos props lol. 😂 God is Good.”

Songstress Adina Thembi also took to her Instagram page to join in the challenge. She captioned it, “Stars of the future”Vs Now 😊 …kindly swipe I think I saved the best for the last 😆.”


King Promise put together four photos of himself captioned, “delete in 10 mins. no comments, thanks.”

Kuami Eugene joined the bandwagon with his throwback photo, captioned “God Is Good 🙏🏾🤣 #LilKuamiEugene 🤣 #SweetBoy❤️


Yolo star Aaron Adatsi also posted his picture from ten years, mmm, people do change. He captioned it “Me too a grown up (Langabel’s voice) THERE DEFINITELY IS GAD! 😂 #10yearschallenge

Moesha Budong, need I say more? I don’t think so.


Actress and talk show host Regina Van Helvet displayed a young Regina on her Instagram page. “#10yearchallenge the only thing that hasn’t changed are my elfy ears,eyes and nose. The change isn’t that drastic 🤷🏼‍♀️.”

The sensational actors from the Kejetia and Makola series did not want this challenge to go without telling their story.

Richmond Gideon Amoakoh popularly known as Lawyer Nti took to Instagram to show his transformation. His caption – “I am extremely and eternally grateful to God for the man I have become. Trust the process! Onyame ay3 beberee na ama me. #10YearsChallenge.”


Lawyer Nti being his usual comic self posted a photo of his co-star Clemento Suarez. “Had to call Interpol to get the picture on the left. #10YearsChallenge. Please, I haven’t mentioned anyone’s name o… I beg. Please Teacher good morning…”

But Clemento Suarez was not ready to let his friend get away with his comments. He took to Instagram to post a picture of his own, captioning it “I’m not saying that one day one day your male goat will grow beard oo. I’m only saying that patience is a virtue.”


Their co-lawyer also joined in the challenge and posted a picture of himself. “God has always been good! 
2009 a young brother in Knust to 2019 still the same n*$$@ from the blocks with more light😎🔥 (literally and figuratively). “

Deborah Vanessa populary known by her stage name Sister Derby has given her fans a look into her life 10 years ago. “10 years ago in London. No face no case 😂 #10yearchallenge.”


Actress Lydia Forson decided to give fans a look of her with permed her. “Here’s a rare picture of me with permed hair. (my earring game ain’t changed tho) Please, some of you, your 10 years look like 20 years because of adwen fi, don’t comment some. 🙄”

She added another picture but this time with a twist “Then and Now. I know I haven’t changed much,right? My mouth just got bigger.”


Kumawood actors cannot be left out of the challenge.

Kwaku Manu shared his throwback photo and my people we are in for a treat.

Patapeezy as he is called by some of his fans, can definitely not be left out of this challenge and he agrees, check out his photo.

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