11 Delicious Things to Make When You’re Bored

1. Make a fancy cocktail or mocktail.

Practice your mixology skills and make yourself a beautiful drink.

2. Try a meal-kit subscription service. 

Skip the grocery shopping and soothe your decision fatigue with a box of preportioned ingredients and hard-to-mess-up instructions.

3. Bake bread.

Just give in to it: Sourdough starter is here to stay.

4. Meal prep for the week.

It can be very satisfying! (Although you should consider whether getting all of your meal prep done now will take away future boredom-busting cooking opportunities.)

5. Bake cookies.

Mmm. Wouldn’t cookies be good right now?

6. Try to re-create your favorite restaurant meal. 

You don’t need to be a chef — all you need to be is a person with the appropriate ingredients and a lot of derring-do.

7. Make a dip. 

Oh, gosh. What is your favorite dip? Onion dip? Guacamole? Artichoke? The nice thing about making a dip for yourself is you end up with a lot of dip. All for you!

8. Plan your breakfast for tomorrow. 

Maybe some overnight oats?

9. Try a TikTok cooking hack. 

Salmon rice, feta pasta, healthy Coke, whatever you like. Just not NyQuil chicken, please.

10. Soak some dry beans. 

Then, later, you can have some beans.

11. Make applesauce.

It’s seriously so easy.

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