15 striking statements Dampare made at the committee probing his ouster

Source The Ghana Report

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare appeared before a parliamentary committee on Tuesday, September 12.

This follows allegations made against the IGP by two senior officers regarding a leaked audio tape that purportedly discussed a conspiracy to remove him from office.

COP Alex Mensah, one of the voices on the tape, leveled several accusations against the IGP.

These included claims of hindering promotions within the service, maintaining regular communication with former President Mahama, and labeling Dr. Dampare as the worst IGP in history.

Another officer, Supt. George Asare, who was also heard on the tape, corroborated some of COP Mensah’s statements about the IGP and how he is managing the police service. When pressed for further details, he indicated a preference for discussing them in private.

However, during his appearance before the committee, the IGP denied all the allegations made against him by the officers.

Dr. Dampare characterized the accusations against him as baseless and without evidence.

Here are 15 of his statements that stood out in his responses

1. I’m a professional police officer, I don’t do politics

2.No one granted me favours I don’t deserve

3. I don’t have any working relationship with Bugri Naabu

4. Wild, baseless accusations hurt me, my wife, and my family

5. Centralizing information flow is in tandem with international best practices

6. Granted I am the worst IGP, we are worst in the police service then

7. I had no role to play in the recording of the tape plotting my ouster

8. My rise to IGP was purely based on competence and hard work, not favours

9. Wild allegations cooked by my accusers to cover their shame

10. I recused myself from internal disciplinary proceedings against 3 officers(accusers)

11. I was there for COP Alex Mensah when his mother passed on

12. I am not in contact with former president John Mahama

13. I don’t visit former president Mahama and he does not visit me as well

14. I have good relationships with the heads of all the other security agencies

15. It is untrue that I am running a one-man show



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