20 people killed in El Paso shooting – Texas Governor

Source cnn

Texas and local authorities at El Paso have confirmed that twenty people have been killed and more than two dozen were injured in a mass shooting at an El Paso shopping center on Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference, Governor Greg Abbott explained many lives were taken and these are people who should have been with us today.

Governor Greg Abbott described it as “one of the most deadly days in the history of Texas”.

The massacre happened at a Walmart store near the Cielo Vista Mall, a few miles from the US-Mexican border.

Two Federal law enforcement sources and one government source have confirmed that a 21-year-old man is currently in custody for the mass shooting and Police said the suspect was a resident of the Dallas-area city of Allen, about 650 miles (1,046km) east of El Paso.

Investigators are reviewing an online writing posted days before the shooting that may speak to a motive.

The suspect has been named by US media as Patrick Crusius.

CCTV images said to be of the gunman and broadcast on US media show a man in a dark T-shirt wearing ear protectors and brandishing an assault-style rifle.

The identities of the victims are yet to be determined.

President Donald Trump having been briefed about the situation commented on his twiter feed.

The President tweeted Saturday afternoon, “Terrible shootings in El Paso, Texas, reports are very bad, with many killed. I am currently working with State and Local authorities, and Law Enforcement to get the situation under control. Spoke to Governor to pledge total support of Federal Government. God be with you all!”

The Police and FBI are investigating whether an anonymous white nationalist “manifesto”, shared on an online forum, was written by the gunman.


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