Stephen Appiah urges Ghanaians to support Asamoah Gyan’s u-16 tournament

Former Black Stars captain, Stephen Appiah, has issued a heartfelt call to his fellow compatriots, urging them to rally behind Asamoah Gyan’s under-16 tournament.

Emphasizing the significance of nurturing young talent and promoting the growth of football in Ghana, Appiah passionately appealed for nationwide support for this exciting initiative.

“We have to support our brother because if he does it and everything goes well the boys that are coming in future we might use them. So we are all worried that today if Dede Ayew and the rest leave who is going to represent the country,” he said in an interview with an Accra-based radio.

“So we will use all our energy to support our brother Asamoah Gyan and we will make sure in the future things will change. I hope that what he has done it is not only Asamoah Gyan I hope that other players will do something different,”

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