37-Year-old Mum goes online as a 11-year old and here is what she learned

Source The Ghana Report/Gloria KAFUI Ahiable

“Whenever you get a chance, send me a picture of you without your shirt on, or send me a picture of in between your legs. I would really like that.”

“Like what kind of picture? In between my legs?”

This is more or less the opening conversation you are likely to get from an online sexual predator.

You are likely to have one out of 100 children below the age of 15 being exposed to all these advances from online predators.

The issue of online sexual predators is gradually becoming a global canker in many parts of the world.

In 2018 alone, Bark Special Projects team alerted the FBI to 99 child predators with a sudden boost from 99 to more than 300 and counting.

According to Bark, each of these cases represents a real child experiencing real harm to these children.

To uncover the misdeeds of these predators, a 37-year-old Investigator, Sloane Ryan, who assumed the role of an 11-year-old reveals what children below 15 years constantly have to basically fight off online sexual predators.

“I was frustrated by the problem we were facing, tapping my pen on the conference table and thinking out loud, I asked myself when parents think about predators, they think about someone tossing their child in a trunk and driving off,” she told Bark.

“They don’t think about the unseen abuse that happens online, “she indicated.

According to her, she’s had to pretend to be a 15-year-old Libby, 16-year-old Kait, 14-year-old Ava and now 11-year-old to get enough evidence of the possible dangers’ children may be faced with.

Tonight, I am 11-year-old Bailey, she said.

I upload the photo to Instagram, what appears to be a generic, innocuous selfie of Bailey with an ear-to-ear smile with a caption “I’m excited to see my friends this weekend at Carly’s party.”

In less than 20 minutes, two new messages come in after posting a picture of the 11-year-old Bailey.

Read the unedited conversations below as reported by Berk’s investigative team

“Hi! I was just wondering how long you’ve been a model for?”

“lol! im not a model,” I type quickly, hitting send.

“No!” he types, full of false incredulity. “You’re lying! If not, you should be a model. You’re so PRETTY.”

@ XXXastrolifer appears to be in his early 40s, but tells Bailey he’s 19. When she tells him she’s only 11, he doesn’t flinch.

The next message is from another man who greets Bailey harmlessly enough.

“Hi! How are you doing tonight?”

“Hi im good hbu”

“I’m doing alright, thank you. You are a very beautiful girl.”

I hear Josh next to me mutter. “Like clockwork.”

“Wow, thank u!”

“It’s true. I love your pictures on here. Does your mom and dad let you have a boyfriend yet?”

Bailey replies in the negative, “it’s not something they talk about a lot. I poll the parents in the room. They agree. Getting a boyfriend isn’t top of mind for an 11-year-old.”

“Maybe I can be your Instagram bf if you would like? Up to you.”

The conversation according to Sloane ends like most online conversations, “he sends Bailey a video to show himself masturbating.”

“Do you like that? Have you seen one of those before?” he quizzes young Bailey.

Baileys turn her attention back to @ XXXthisguy66, the would-be Instagram boyfriend. In a matter of minutes, it escalates from “An Instagram boyfriend means we can chat with each other, send selfies back and forth, and just be there for each other” to “Since we are together, are you ready to send sexy pics to each other?”

For someone who is 11-year-old, not sure of what she’s doing. The elderly guy sends a photo of his erect penis, requests a photo of her shirtless, and then assures her that he can teach her how to proceed.

“Well, a lot of boyfriends like it when their girlfriend give them a blowjob. Do you know what that means?”

“No I dont.”

“That means you take the dick in your hand and then you put your mouth over it and you suck on it like you would suck on your thumb.”

“I dont get it,” Bailey types back.

“You take my dick. You put it in your mouth, and you suck on it.”

“Some girls like it, but it feels really good to the boy. That’s just what a boy likes. Now what a boy and a girl really like together is if I put my dick in between your legs and push it inside you. That is called sex. Or fucking.”

“Oh. I learned about sex, ” Bailey replies.

“Whenever you get a chance, send me a picture of you without your shirt on, or send me a picture of in between your legs. I would really like that.”

“Like what kind of picture? In between my legs?”

“You know your vagina? Or some people call it pussy. I would like to see it. Because that’s where my dick goes. But I would like to see your chest too. “

“I dont really have boobs yet,” Bailey replies. She doesn’t. She wears a training bra for the ritual and camaraderie of training-bra-wearing, but she doesn’t really need one. Not yet.

“It’s ok. I’m sure you still look great though. I would still suck on your nipples.”

“I’m not good at taking body pics.”

“It’s ok. Can you send me a picture of you sucking on your finger? That way I can imagine you giving me a blowjob like we talked about earlier. I’ll send you another pic of my dick.”

And he does.

By the end of two-and-a-half hours, there were seven videos, texts from 17 different men and Baily had seen the genitalia of 11 out of the 17 men.

“Bailey is a child. Libby, Kait, Ava, Alessia, Lena, Isabella. All of my personas are legally, emotionally, physically, intellectually. They have no agency, no ability to give consent,” she said worriedly.

The 37-year-old asserts that perhaps society loves to point fingers and victim blame but the answer according to Sloane is still the same.

“They are all children and like every case of abuse, a child is never at fault,” she stated.

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