5 Drinks with More Protein Than an Egg

If there’s one macronutrient people are really excited about, it’s protein. There’s nothing wrong with that. Protein is an essential nutrient for many functions in the body.

From making and repairing cells to supporting building and contracting muscles, clotting blood and protecting the body against infections, our body needs a regular protein intake to thrive.

How much protein do you need? The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that people consume between 46 to 56 grams of protein per day, depending on your age and sex. Other factors, like activity level or health status, also play into your protein needs.

Protein-rich foods, like chicken, fish, tofu, cottage cheese and some yogurts can help you meet your protein quota for the day in a nutritious way—but so can certain beverages.

So, what sips count? Well, oftentimes, we use an egg as a barometer for whether something is higher in protein or not because one large egg contains an impressive 6 grams of protein. That’s why, using an egg’s protein content as a reference, we’ve found beverages that contain more protein than one egg—and five nutritious drinks made the list.

1. Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is one of the ideal choices for meeting protein needs, with every cup of cow’s milk containing 8 grams of protein. Milk is a source of calcium, and some brands provide vitamin D, too.

Thanks to these two nutrients, drinking milk every day may improve your bone health. Enjoy this refreshing and hydrating beverage alone or use milk as a main ingredient for chia seed pudding.

2. Fortified Soy Milk

Fortified soy milk has about the same amount of protein as an egg, containing 6.3 grams of protein for every cup. Fortified soy milk contains calcium, vitamin D and vitamin A in amounts similar to cow’s milk.

Soy milk is also a plant-based alternative for vegetarians and vegans, people who are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy and those who want a protein- and calcium-rich drink.

3. Milk Kefir

Kefir is a fermented, probiotic-packed beverage made from kefir grains. It’s also rich in protein, with 8.8 grams per cup. Probiotics may help populate your gut with good bacteria that promote healthy digestion, lower stress and support heart health, among other perks.

Kefir offers more than 60 strains of bacteria and yeasts, packing a greater diversity of health-promoting microorganisms compared to yoghurt.

4. Bone Broth

Bone broth may have become a new food trend, but many Asian cultures, such as those in China, Vietnam and Korea, to name a few, regularly make soup broths with animal bones from chicken, beef, pork or fish. Bone broths are also plentiful in protein.

One cup of canned chicken bone broth provides about 9 grams of protein for every cup. You can add a boost of protein to grain dishes and soups by using bone broth. Also, consider making your own Beef Bone Broth.

5. High-Protein Smoothies

You might be surprised just how much protein you can add to a smoothie. High-protein smoothies are also easy to prepare, convenient and portable. It could also be an additional way to up your fibre intake, too, when you include veggies and fruits into your drink. Make a smoothie with one of the high-protein drinks on this list, such as cow’s milk, fortified soy milk or kefir, and add an additional protein source like yogurt or protein powder to increase the protein content.

Our Almond Butter & Banana Protein Smoothie and Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie are some examples of satisfying and delicious smoothies that offer 19 and 18 grams of protein per serving, respectively. Our Berry-Kefir Smoothie also has 15 grams of protein, plus fiber coming from the berries and banana.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to amp up your protein intake or simply search for additional protein sources to include in a balanced meal pattern, beverages like cow’s milk, fortified soy beverage, milk kefir and bone broths are delicious and nutritious protein options.

These high-protein drinks can also be used to make nutritious smoothies, too. Don’t forget to grab a straw.

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