5 Things Girls Do That Guys Will Never Understand

Every girl knows that guys are the most confusing ones in the world. I mean, they would love to just watch sports all day and then play video games until the sun comes up if they could.

(Like, why sports? Don’t they know that made-up stories like Magic Mike are way better than real-life things?)

According to guys, we aren’t so simple either. I asked around to see what some of my guy friends thought was confusing about girls. Turns out we’re kinda complicated too. Here are some of the answers I got back:

“Why do y’all always get chicken tenders on dates?”

Apparently, guys think all we eat is chicken nuggets and salads. Especially when we’re on dates. If you ask me, I’d say they’ve forgotten about one of our main food groups: pizza.

“Why do you all have to go to the bathroom together?”

Ok, this one literally had me laughing out loud because it’s kinda true. Although I don’t feel like we do this on purpose, guys seem to be under the impression that we do it for moral support or something, but in reality, when someone says they have to pee, it normally reminds us that we have to pee too.

“Why do you girls scream at high pitches?”

Yeah, sorry. We can’t help that.

“What’s up with the mood swings? And why does it take so much to make them happy again once they’re upset?”

I get that we are supposed to be the “emotional ones” and all, but we can’t be that bad, right?

“Why drop hints when you can just tell me you like me??”

This makes guys’ lives ten times more complicated. They say they’re always trying to “decode” what we’re saying versus what we actually want. Weird, right? I always thought we were the ones overthinking everything.

So moral of the story is, guys don’t understand why girls do things, and we sure don’t have any idea why guys do what they do. But look, if both of us sit here and try to figure out the opposite one, we would never get anything productive done. So just accept that we will probably never fully understand the opposite sex and move on with life.


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