7 Reasons Cleaning Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Ever glance at that ongoing list you started and think to yourself that it can wait for later? No matter how quietly you tiptoe around it, it won’t ever disappear.

Sometimes when that “to-do list” starts getting too long and causing unnecessary stress, the best thing to do is tackle it head on. Starting with what most people consider to be the very worst job: cleaning the house/apartment/room.

Over the years, I like to think I have mastered the art of cleaning. That is, I wait until absolutely everything needs to be done and get it all done in one go. I do the laundry, wash the floors, dust, vacuum, you name it. Aside from the everyday tasks like dishes, I find a way to shove this all onto one day. Then that one day rolls around and I secretly curse myself, but then I roll up my sleeves and away I go.

Having said that, cleaning always turns out to be a win-win and I’m here to tell you why.

1.It checks off over half of your to-do list, and that is always a relief (and an accomplishment!).

2. The final outcome can be very calming and good for your mental health. Not to mention make your bathtub and other peaceful locations ready for use!

3. If you put on the right music, it can be the perfect dance and sing your life away stress reliever.

4. Plus the combination of your kick ass moves and the satisfying feeling of accomplishing things might just leave you feeling a little extra good!

5. There is no judgement allowed while cleaning! If you want to down a bottle of wine, you go right ahead. No one can say a single thing to you because you’re still managing to get things done.

6. Cleaning is the perfect excuse to ignore the rest of the world and just do what needs to be done. There’s no need to socialize or feel presentable, you can just shut the door on everything else and get it done.

7. In the end, the more positive your outlook is on cleaning, the better the condition of your house will be! Not to mention, the improvement in your own condition as you tackle the mess life leaves behind!

Cleaning is only as bad as you make it. Find the best in it and you’ll see an improvement in multiple areas of your life! Next time you try and tackle that list, remember these seven positive elements and it’ll make it easier to get through it.

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