786 more declared healed – Ghana records biggest jump in coronavirus recoveries

Ghana has recorded the biggest jump in recoveries as 786 more patients are now free to go home, the Ghana Health Service latest update has revealed.

Before this jump, the country had recorded 674 recoveries out of the more than 5,600 cases.

This means Ghana’s number of COVID-19 recoveries has shot up to 1,460, news expected to give a major boost in the fight against the deadly disease first confirmed in Ghana on March 12.

There had been concerns about the slow rate of recoveries as more cases were being confirmed.

But the Ghana Health Service has explained the bar for declaring a patient well has been set high for Ghana by the World Health Organisation.

Patients in Ghana need two more negative tests over a period of 28 days before they could be declared healed.

It was therefore a matter of time for a breakthrough in the rate of recoveries.

The 100% jump in recoveries has obscured fresh news of 108 more people testing positive for coronavirus, bring the case count to some 5,638.

Four more have died, bring the fatalities to 28.

But across social media, several posts have hailed the remarkable rebound in the fight against covid-19.

At the Pentecost Convention Center in the Central region, where some patients are housed, several recovered persons were seen jumping and jubilating at the news of their regained freedom.

Taking the recoveries and fatalities into consideration, Ghana now has 4,150 active cases, according to the Disease Surveillance Department of the GHS.

Regional breakdown

Greater Accra – 4,248

Ashanti Region – 798

Eastern Region – 99

Western Region – 87


Volta Region – 34

Northern Region – 31

Upper East Region – 26

Upper West Region – 21

Savannah Region – 0

Ahafo Region – 0

Bono East Region – 0

  1. Anonymous says

    Good news. Thanks be to God

  2. De-Love says

    Thank God the life of the people. Ghana is to be careful about how they are behaving The situation is not a joke at all.

    1. Spurgeon Abu Kofi says

      Glory be to God of Most Highest

  3. Anonymous says

    May Allah guide us all.

  4. Deacon Ike says

    We are praying that God should heal all the rest of the positive patient.

  5. Anonymous says

    I’m glad

  6. Anonymous says

    We thank God Almighty, I wish the rest speedy recovery am praying that God will heal about 2000 cases overnight so that all will go fast fast for things to come back normal

  7. Anonymous says

    Very exciting news.

  8. Tom says

    Very exciting news.

  9. Anonymous says

    Good news to the recoveries people

  10. Nene Teddy says

    Greatest news

  11. Anonymous says

    Praises to the Almighty Allah for His mercy on us as Ghanaians. In His name Coronavirus will varnish in Ghana and the world as a whole. Ameen!

  12. Anonymous says

    Congratulations. Keep it up

  13. George KWAKU NTI says

    Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus. I plead the Holy Blood of Jesus over all the rest to get healed quickly in Jesus name, Amen.

  14. Excellent says

    Great news… however I want to think that lessons from these recoveries have been learnt and that the GHS has invented a formula to fight the COVID. Otherwise, if it’s the case of victims immune system fighting back then what’s the point to quarantine.

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