8 women beat man ‘mercilessly’ for defying dress code for Sunyani queenmother’s burial

More videos have emerged of the assault meted out to residents in the Bono region who defied the funeral dress code for the late queenmother of Sunyani.

In the latest videos, women were seen taking part in the abuse.

Some women numbering about eight, believed to be members of the Sunyani Traditional Council, chased a man at a market.

The man was surrounded by the women leaving him with no escape route as his caning loomed.

He was dressed in yellow attire over a pair of blue jeans, contrary to directives from the palace for the public to be in mourning clothes.

The Sunyani Traditional Council issued the edict as part of the funeral and burial rites of the late queen-mother Nana Yaa Nyamaa Poduo II.

Residents are to be seen in public wearing funeral-themed attire, usually black or red, until the funeral is over on Saturday.

The women, dressed in black clothes, heckled the young man as he tried to defend himself. In the process, the women destroyed tables and other structures of traders at the market.

The incident drew the attention of onlookers, with some intervening to plead with the angry women to cease their actions.

Similar videos show palace warriors wandering the principal streets of Sunyani in search of innocent victims to brutalise. They were aided by police officers from the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) who took part in the onslaught of a private security man riding a motorcycle.

JoyNews’ Bono regional correspondent Precious Semevor reported that the Sunyani Traditional Council has dissociated itself from the abuse stating that no order was issued from the palace for such conduct.

Subsequently, two of the attackers have been apprehended and handed over to the police to help in investigations.

Bono Regional Crime Officer, Chief Superintendent Nana Kwaku Duah, noted in a statement that the police hierarchy has “directed an immediate investigation of the issue”.

  1. Anonymous says

    This is total foolishness.
    Even at some places when a whole King passes on you won’t find these happening.Why should the death of one person let others suffer.nonese

  2. Anonymous says

    When you want to report an issue investigate very well before you put anything on social media because what you just posted is totally wrong.

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