Aayalolo withdraws buses hired by Citi TV to transport health workers

The Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE), operators of the Aayalolo Bus Services, have withdrawn the buses it hired to Citi TV to transport health workers in Accra within the period of the lockdown.

The withdrawal comes barely 12 hours to the commencement of the free bus service.

Health workers are those at the frontline battling the outbreak of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Following the lockdown of the Kumasi and Accra Metropolitan areas and the Kasoa enclave, however, some health workers who do not have their own vehicles have found it difficult to get transportation to and from work.

This follows restrictions in the use of commuter vehicles popularly referred to as “trotro”. Some health workers, particularly nurses, have also complained about stigmatisation from the general public, including some transport operators.

In response to these concerns, a private television station based in Accra, Citi TV, took the initiative to alleviate the plight of the health workers by hiring the Aayalolo buses to transport health workers for free during the period of lockdown.

The Aayalolo buses were procured by the government in 2016 to implement the Bus Rapid Transit system, but poor planning and operations resulted in the grounding of the buses for more than a year until recently when the operations re-opened.

Citi TV announced bus four routes that would go through the major health facilities in Accra as follows:

“One bus will move health workers from Amasaman and make drop-offs at the Achimota Hospital, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Ridge Hospital, Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital and the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

“A second bus will take passengers from Kasoa through Kaneshie Polyclinic, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Ridge Hospital and the 37 Military Hospital.

“The third bus will journey from Sakumono and make stops at the LEKMA Hospital, La General Hospital, 37 Military Hospital, Ridge Hospital and make a final stop at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

“The fourth bus will move from Ayi-Mensah and make stops at the Pantang Hospital, Legon Hospital, 37 Military Hospital, Ridge Hospital and the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.”

The government has come under a barrage of criticisms following Citi TV’s initiative. Critics say the government did not factor the plight of the essential service providers into its lockdown plans.

Last week, a journalist asked the National COVID-19 Response Team why the government had failed to deploy the Aayalolo and Metro Mass Transit buses to help alleviate the suffering of essential service providers such as health workers.

Though the Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, said the buses services were in operation, that was not the case on the ground. The complaints by health workers who do not drive their own vehicles heightened on social media and mainstream media prompting Citi TV to step in.

All was set for the services to begin tomorrow (Monday, April 6, 2020) at 6:30am.

However, management of Citi TV received an email from the Depot Manager of GAPTE, Mr. Charles Annan, announcing the withdrawal of the buses allocated to Citi TV.

In the email sighted by theghanareport.com, Mr. Annan said, “Government has directed us to deploy the Aayalolo buses within the lockdown area in GAMA [Greater Accra Metropolitan Area].

“The schedule as provided considers our already agreed routes as advertised by your company,” he said.

The Depot managers said the government would pay for services so management would refund the money already paid by Citi TV.

“I will deliver the cash to you by close of day today [Sunday, April 5, 2020].”


  1. Anonymous says

    Negative reporting. So government has decided to take on this responsibility. What’s wrong with that?

    1. Anonymous says

      Shalo minded

    2. Anonymous says

      The most competent people by mouth.

    3. Anonymous says

      Oh Chief. Shouldn’t that have been the very first initiative from our government?

    4. Anonymous says

      Your mother is wrong. So you dont see anything wrong with what the government has done? Is it not an indictment on the part of the government?. You are asking what is wrong? Learn sense.

  2. Anonymous says

    Disgrace of a government. Very shameful!

  3. McAnthony says

    Government was just awaken. No problem with that but many thanks to Citi TV for the soul touching initiative

    1. Anonymous says

      Did government have to sit down until CitiTv came up with this proposal? Shame

  4. Kwarkye says

    Citi FM/Tv are just awesome! You have great team with objective. Myself and family are ardent listeners/viewers of their station. God bless their wonderful intentions

  5. Anonymous says

    Gov’t ashamed of itself.if gov’t taken over the route,Tumps- up for Citi TV for
    Lighten-up the gov’t

  6. Anonymous says

    The crisis we are facing today is an enormous one, which has caught the wealthiest nations flat-footed. They are struggling to find masks and ventilators in the US. My prayers go for government, for wisdom to handle this situation. God bless Ghana

    1. Symas Adjins says

      What wisdom? Government is either insensitive or clueless. What a shame

  7. Anonymous says

    This government lacks the competence to handle this emergency, theres no leadership in our country. Kudos citifm

  8. Charlotte says

    Good initiative by Citi Tv and even better if this woke govt up, that is what we should do to help our leaders and country. This is a gargantuan task for us all as a nation fighting a common enemy. Tough decisions to be made and definitely an oversight or two is expected. Main concern is for our health workers to be assisted in doing a great job – i dont know how they get thru it. God keep you all safe and bless our Homeland Ghana.

  9. Nuhu Soale says

    Cititv deserves the commendation for the initiative.
    Manasseh, this your mouth is exposing the laxity on the part of the government on the fight against the pandemic.

  10. Kwame says

    Citifm, kudos! Thanks for the wake up call to the sleepers on the job. You are the best.

  11. Anonymous says

    Congratulations citi tv. I just love this media house.

  12. Anonymous says

    shallow minded leaders,each one for himself God for all, if citi tv hadn’t come out with that initiative,the government wouldnt know that this was needed… funny
    wondering why people join queues to vote

    1. Anonymous says

      This government is nothing but useless. Who does that? Soldiers are given cars, police 👮 are given cars, immigrations are using cars but this government has forgotten the ‘almighty’ health workers. Apuuuu
      Anyway cudos to Citi tv 📺

  13. Anonymous says

    This fight is not one person fight ooo.Kudos to Citi for the initiative but if Govt is talking over all the best.They must start tomorrow asap.This is no politics….its about human beings live at stake.Frontliners are getting stranded at the barriers and getting late to work. It might be a loved one of yours on admission not eith Coronabut the lateness of the nurse will push him early to the grave oooyooo

    1. Anonymous says

      If a small TV station could come up with this idea, what of this enormous government. No single person had the idea to think of this? Shame, shame, shame again

  14. Shiraz Seedorf Seidu says

    A nation that stands by and looks on while the rights of the individual are slowly pecked at, eventually pays the ultimate price of finding its own rights eroded……..Justice Francis Kpegah, sourced from Sampson Ladi Anyenini. May the good LORD save us all.

  15. Gilbert says

    This report is just fair and bais,why do you attack the the writer…..Why can’t both services run concurrently as it complements governments efforts. #GhanaWeDey

  16. Gilbert says

    Unbiased I mean

  17. Anonymous says

    Are city fm not ghanaians?Mischief at it best Manasseh save yourself and go back to what you use to write before partisan politics entered your brains.be careful not to do yourself a great disservice to your future in any meaningful national discourse.

  18. Anonymous says

    Government without vision and proper planning. Always taking hostage of people ideas. They don’t even learn.

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