ACEP condemns GRIDCo over ‘dumsor’ silence

Source The Ghana Report

The Africa Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) has urged the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) to acknowledge the power deficit and communicate the development to customers amid recent intermittent power cuts.

According to ACEP Executive Director Ben Boakye, despite GRIDCo’s awareness of the deficit, they have gone silent on the generation shortfall.

In an interview on March 30, Mr Boakye stated, “We do know there is a generation shortfall, and everybody in the power sector is trying to escape that fact.

“Nobody wants to communicate that we have a generation shortfall which is accounting for the load being shed, and I don’t understand why that struggle.”

He stressed that GRIDCo must take the initiative to communicate this deficit to the public rather than relying on ECG.

“They [GRIDCo] should communicate to the public that there is a deficit. They also must let the country know that we are experiencing a generation shortfall, and therefore, we cannot give to ECG what will be optimal for them to serve the country with.

“But for everybody to be quiet and try to massage the obvious truth is incredible,” Mr. Boakye lamented on Joy News on March 30.

Consumers have been experiencing unstable power supply in various parts of the country recently.

Consequently, the Minority in Parliament, civil society organisations (CSOs), and energy sector players have called for an ECG load-shedding timetable to help citizens plan their daily activities.

Many power consumers believe that the country is experiencing severe power outages akin to the era which birther the term ‘dumsor’ some years ago.
However, the national power distributor ECG insists that the company is not undertaking any load shedding that requires a timetable.
ECG explained that the intermittent power outages are caused by maintenance issues, an overload on their transformers in some cases, and some localised underground cable faults.
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