Actress Martha Ankomah drags LilWin to court for defamation

Source The Ghana Report

Actress Martha Ankomah has reportedly filed a lawsuit against famous Kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as Lilwin for defamation.

Lilwin recently attacked his colleague Martha Ankomah for criticizing the content of Kumawood movies.

Lilwin claims that Martha Ankomah told director Frank Fiifi Garbin that Kumawood doesn’t produce any sensible movies; hence, she will never work with the Kumasi-based stars if ever she was approached for a gig.

It will be recalled that in 2017, Martha Ankomah, in an interview with Hitz FM and later appearing on Accra FM in 2023, devalued the storyline of recent Kumawood movies, comparing them with the Agya Koo’s era.

“I love Kumawood movies but what I dislike about their movies is the fetish stuff in them.

“Apart from that, I love their storylines, and they used to have really good movies like ‘Kumasi y)nko)’ but of late, most of their movies portray witchcraft, and that does not motivate me to shoot with them,” she noted.

The misunderstanding between Lilwin and Martha Ankomah heated up in the entertainment industry earlier this year while LilWin was slamming Dr. Likee’s camp after one of his actresses defected to the stables of Akabenezer.

The said actress, Mimi, has recently been granting interviews throwing jabs at LilWin, who has in turn resorted to attacking anyone who has ever downplayed his efforts including Martha Ankomah.

He said: “Martha, those who are richer than you are rather humble and respect themselves a lot. Do you honestly call yourself a star? Who knows you? What do you have?

“I don’t even know why GTP bypassed the likes of McBrown, Mercy Asiedu, and co, and made Martha Ankomah their brand ambassador. The likes of Van Vicker, Roselyn Ngissah, and co, do not do these things. They even work with us. They shoot Kumawood movies. I’m still amazed that you made such statements, were you drunk?”.

He continued, “Patience Ozorkwor came to Kumasi to shoot a movie. Aki and Porporr, Mr. Ibu, and the rest came down to shoot a movie here. But for people like you, who call yourselves refined actors; how many times do these Nigerians come to Ghana to shoot movies with you?

In response to LilWin’s criticisms, Martha Ankomah has taken legal action, filing a defamation lawsuit against the actor. The lawsuit, issued on February 14, 2024, summons LilWin to court to explain his defamatory comments as perceived by the actress.

Find the writ of summons below;

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