Apologize and I’ll come back – Promzy demands from VVIP

Promzy, a former member of the musical group, VIP, says he will only rejoin the group after an apology is rendered to him by his former groupmates, Prodigal and Lazy now known as Zeal.

Responding to calls for the reunion of VIP, the musician said his former group mates have the key to that.

“Most of the comments I get is that when is VIP coming out, talk to Lazy and Prodigal to come and apologize so we can get some business going and give you guys some good music.” he posted on Instagram.

In 2013, reports went viral about Promzy’s exit from VIP.

Following his exit, Reggie Rockstone, known as the godfather of Ghanaian rap who back in the mid-1990s christened the new genre Hiplife, joined the group.

The new group’s name metamorphosed to VVIP, and they have since produced smash singles like “Selfie”, “Skolom” and “Dogoyaro”.

Even though Promzy has not confirmed his exit from the group, he has since not worked with the group.

In the last few years, however, the group has been inactive.

Both VVIP and VIP appeared defunct now.

Earlier last year, it was rumoured that Promzy would be returning to the group, but that is yet to materialize.

VIP is a Ghanaian Hiplife music group formed in 1997.


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