Are these the men you promised? – Adom TV Journalist asks Nana Addo

Source The Ghana Report/ Aba Asamoah

Host of Badwam on Adom TV, Omanhene Kwabena Asante, has expressed disappointment in the Nana Addo-led government with regards to the performance of the appointees of the President.

Omanhene’s worries stem from the recent spate of scandals that have rocked a number of government officials.

Ranting on Asempa FM, Omanhene quizzed rather worryingly whether the president “might have left some of the men behind,” referring to a campaign promise by Nana Akufo-Addo to appoint competent men in the running of the country’s affairs.

“If these are the men, he promised us prior to the 2016 general election then I am right to say he might have left some of the men behind, it is not proper”

“The President needs to reshuffle his appointees and Ministers, they are betraying the country too much, there has been a lot happening under Nana Addo’s watch that needs swift action, President Nana Akufo-Addo might be incorruptible but the way things are going under his watch, the President needs to reshuffle his Ministers,” he said to Osei Bonsu in a video which has since gone viral.

“We wake up every day to scandals instead of development and improvement, look at what is happening at National Youth Authority (NYA), Public Procurement Authority (PPA), Power Distribution Service (PDS) all these scandals under his watch, is that why they came to rule over us?” he quizzed further.

The popular journalist is charging the President to reshuffle non-performing Ministers and sack appointees involved in what he describes as “419 business”.

“He needs to reshuffle some Ministers, Chief Executives, Directors because all they do is to sit in Accra, drive in Land Cruisers and do 419 business”

“One thing that breaks my heart most in all these is that, the one thing the President promised us prior to the 2016 election was to protect the public coffers, making sure procurement matters are transparent and devoid of corruption  but under his watch matters have worsen with impunity because there are no punishment for those who breach the laws” he said.




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  1. Anonymous says

    Thievery is too much in this government

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