Asante Bediatuo denies instructing Canada to cut down on visa issuance

Amid recent online reports claiming that Nana Bediatuo Asante, the Secretary to President Akufo-Addo, has advised the Canadian High Commission to reduce visa issuance rates for Ghanaians, his legal team has vehemently refuted such allegations.

In a statement, Bediatuo Asante’s lawyers dismissed the publications as false and urged the public to disregard them.

The reports in question, originating from amnewsworld.com and thinknewsonline.com, alleged that Bediatuo Asante had privately advocated for a decrease in visas issued to Ghanaian nationals during a supposed meeting with H.E Christopher Thornley at the Canadian mission. The articles further claimed that he justified this advice by expressing concerns about Ghana losing its young workforce to other countries.

In response to these claims, Bediatuo Asante’s legal representatives clarified that the online publication was entirely baseless and devoid of truth.

The statement emphasized that the assertions made against their client were unfounded and should be viewed with skepticism by the general public.

The lawyers highlighted that the narrative perpetuated by amnewsworld.com and thinknewsonline.com lacked credibility and integrity, emphasizing that such misinformation should not be entertained or taken seriously.
The statement unequivocally discredited the reports and underscored the need to treat them with the disdain they warrant.

Read the full statement here:

We act as Solicitors for Nana Bediatuo Asante, the Secretary to the President and write pursuant to his instructions.

Our Client’s attention has been drawn to a false online publication under the headline “Asante Bediatuo Advises Canadian Embassy to Reduce Visa Issuance Rate to Ghanaians” published on amnewsworld.com by Ohene Anochie dated Thursday, 16th May 2024.

The said publication alleged that our Client; “has secretly advised the Canadian Embassy in Ghana to reduce the rate at which it issues visas to Ghanaian nationals. Bediatuo reportedly made the announcement at a secret meeting with H.E Christopher Thornley claiming Ghana is losing a lot of young vibrant workforce to other countries.”

The same false story has been re-published by Joshua Kwabena Smith on thinknewsonline.com

We are instructed to inform the public that the publication referred to supra is palpably false and same should be disregarded and treated with the contempt it deserves.

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