Avoid These Foods When On Your Period

Cramps and pelvic pain  with heavy flow, passing clots, during  menstruation can be avoided.  There are lots of foods that influences these when on your period, Here’s a list of foods that make cramps worse:

Canned foods

Canned foods can be high in salt, which causes more bloating and cramping. In addition, they may have fewer nutrients. Refined products can also contain high amounts of unhealthy chemicals used to preserve the foods. So when you’re on your period, stick to healthy, fresh options.


Normally healthy and rich in fiber and vitamins, beans can upset your stomach during your period. It’s better to avoid eating beans or peas during your period and opt for lighter foods instead.


Candy usually doesn’t contain any healthy nutrients, and it’s also packed with sugar. Artificial sugar doesn’t help at all with period cramps. In fact, it can make them worse.

Fried foods

It’s better to avoid anything that will upset your stomach because your cramping pains may worsen at the same time. Fried foods are known to upset the stomach and interfere with healthy digestion. During your period, stick to lightly boiled, steamed, or grilled foods.

Milk and other dairy products

Milk and other dairy products can generally be healthy options. However, during your period, your body is particularly susceptible to inflammation. The saturated fats in dairy products can trigger inflammation, which can worsen your menstrual pain.

Nevertheless, the calcium in dairy products can help cramps by controlling your muscles’ nerve activity. Calcium deficiencies can increase muscle spasms. Depending on your needs, it might be a good idea to consume dairy products in moderation.

Fatty foods

Foods like bacon contain lots of saturated fats, while some substances found in fatty dark meat increase prostaglandins in your body, which constrict blood vessels and make muscles contract. This only induces cramping pains, so it’s better to stick to lean meats instead.


Caffeine can worsen pelvic pain before or during your period. It can also stimulate stress and irritability.


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