Badu Kobi should be taught some sense – Samini

Founder and leader of Glorious Wave International Church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi continues to receive backlash for comments he’s alleged to have made at a church service last sunday.

The pastor has been chastised for what many describe as ethnocentric comments he made suggesting men in his church should not marry women from certain ethnic backgrounds in the country.

Reacting to the preacher’s comments, Dancehall artist Samini in an interview monitored by The Ghana Report, said the preacher’s comments are unfortunate and irresponsible.

 ‘It’s not his place to show which tribe one should marry from and which tribe one should not marry from. How does he read the bible and where is he leading us to? If something comes up in your mind, he should at least discuss it with his immediate people, so that, he would be taught some sense,” he said.

Prophet Badu Kobi said in a video making rounds on social media that Ashanti women do not deserve to be married because they are greedy. He highlighted traits of Fantes and Ewes as well in a bid to justify his claim to a rather worried congregation.

“Ashanti women are greedy, their focus in marriage is how to acquire properties for themselves, they do not respect men who are broke, Fante women are foolish and the Ewe women, they are too slow and often times used as doormat by their partners, I always tell my daughter, if you want to be driven back home from your husbands house, go and behave like an Asante woman” he said.

This statement by the preacher man has received a lot of condemnation and resentment.

Prophet Badu Kobi according to dancehall act Samini should have been a little circumspect about his comment considering the number of people he has under his leadership and the diverse nature of his congregation.

“That’s his opinion and freedom of speech now has become easy because of social media. But excuse me to say, it’s an unfortunate statement, he didn’t speak well,” he musician said.

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