Beef Alert: Freda Rhymz replies Sista Afia’s ‘WMT’

Ghanaian rapper, Freda Rhymz, has waded into the lyrical banter between Sister Deborah, Fella Makafui and Sista Afia.

The rapper has dropped a new song titled “KMT” in response to Sista Afia’s “WMT” and it is bound to stir the muddy waters.

In the freestyle track, Freda took countless jabs at Sista Afia who she claimed switched lanes from Highlife music to rap and has eventually become an emotional singer.

“Emotional singers turned rappers, who gave you mic to rap, High Life isn’t going well so are coming to swap, who dey drop a diss song then go online to cry, emotional singers … I’ve said what I said and it is what it is,” Freda said on “KMT”.

Sista Afia after the release of her diss song to Deborah Vanessa (Sister Derby) went online to deny that the song was directed at her (Deborah).


Sister Deborah, an ex-girlfriend of rapper Medikal, sent a birthday message to him (Medikal) with the caption “Happy birthday sweet ex”.

The message did not sit well with actress Fella Makafui, wife of Medikal, pushing her (Fella) to post a picture of her wedding ring with the caption “Over”

A few days later, sister Deborah released a song with the caption “Sweet ex,” explaining how her birthday message to Medikal was a harmless one.

In response, Fella Makafui also released her debut, “Over” telling sister Deborah to get over it because the love she shared with rapper Medikal was over.

Weeks after that, Highlife singer, Sista Afia and a friend to Medikal and Fella released a song titled “WMT” dissing a certain over aged woman who does not like to date men her age.

The song came off as a diss song, but because of the controversies and backlash the song attracted, Afia later came out to say “WMT” title rather means “Women Must Talk”.

Freda Rhymz in response has released ‘KMT’


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