Belgian woman New Force spokesperson arrested and charged for falsifying documents for Ghana resident permit

In the District Court of Kaneshie, Accra, legal proceedings have been initiated against Shalimar Abbiusi, a 30-year-old Belgian national, on charges related to the alleged falsification of documents to obtain a resident permit in Ghana.

Shalimar Abbiusi, one of the spokespersons of a new political group known as The New Force is accused of violating section 52 (1) (i) of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573), specifically “Obtaining for Yourself a Student Permit by False Declaration.”

Shalimar Abbiusi has been seen in a video shared on social media by the New Force canvassing for support for the new Ghanaian political group.

The charge against her by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) asserts that Abbiusi, with the intent to evade legal requirements, falsely declared herself a student of the Ghana Christian University College on or before September 23, 2023, in the Greater Accra Region.

The accusation further contends that Abbiusi knowingly made a false declaration, leading to the successful acquisition of a student permit with the number 0088754.

Legal proceedings

The legal action was initiated by the Ghana Immigration Service on December 6, 2023 and the case is currently under the jurisdiction of the District Court in Kaneshie, Accra.

Brief facts

Abbiusi’s arrest took place after she was invited by the Head of the National Enforcement Section at the Immigration Headquarters to address concerns about her immigration status in Ghana.

The Ghana Immigration Service became aware of Abbiusi’s activities through social media, where she introduced a new political group called “The New Force” and identified herself as its spokesperson.

Investigations have revealed that Abbiusi initially entered Ghana on September 4, 2017, through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and had been a regular visitor until 2018 when she claimed to become a resident due to her supposed admission to the Ghana Christian University College.

However, checks from the college confirmed that Abbiusi had never been a student, and documents supporting her application for a residence permit were deemed forged.

Ongoing investigations seek to uncover the full extent of the issues surrounding the emergence of “The New Force” political group.

Abbiusi has been charged with the offence and is currently before the court.

The prosecution has requested that she should be remanded into Immigration custody to facilitate further investigations into the matter.

New Force

Meanwhile, the New New Force, a political movement, has expressed deep concern over the arrest and detention of Ms. Shalimar Abbiusi, describing her as one of its spokespersons.

In an unsigned press release issued on December 7, 2023, the New Force alleged that Ms. Abbiusi was arrested on December 4 and has been held in custody by the National Investigations Bureau (NIB) without formal charges.

They further claim she was denied access to legal representation, subjected to an unlawful search of her premises, and held beyond the legal 48-hour limit.

The New Force contends that Ms. Abbiusi’s arrest is politically motivated and constitutes an abuse of power.

In the press release, which has no physical address on the letterhead except social media handles, the New Force group pointed to the fact that Ms. Abbiusi’s residence permit was issued by the Ghana Immigration Service, yet the authorities used an alleged issue with one of her documents to justify her detention.

The statement also criticizes the government for vandalizing New Force billboards, calling it an act of “cowards” and individuals who have “lost the moral plot of leadership.”

The New Force calls on Ghanaians to be vigilant and demand a different kind of politics, promising a “New Ghana” under their leadership. They also emphasize that the international community is closely monitoring the situation and expects a swift and just resolution.

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