Bizarre crime stories: 8 times plans went laughably wrong

Source The Ghana Report

Crime stories can be sensitive and as complex as the minds of the individuals involved in them.

From the intricacies of the crime, and the details of the police investigation through the trials and sometimes jail sentences, these stories can be engrossing.

These cases are capable of inciting several emotions from sadness to anger.

But there are some crime stories that are sometimes described as strange, hilarious, or outrightly bizarre.

From the many crime stories from The Ghana Report, we take a look at some that can stir up laughter or make one wonder what the perpetrators were thinking.

  • Thief On The Run Lands In Police Barracks
Thief escaping

A 26-year-old man, Murtala Mohammed, in February 2023, scaled the wall into the house of his neighbor, stole a water pump, and started running away from the crime scene.

However, an alarm was raised by a neighbor and other neighbors gave him a hot chase.

Mohammed unknowingly ran towards a nearby police barracks and was arrested and brought back to the crime scene where he was identified by the witness/neighbor.

When he was put before the Adenta Circuit Court, Mohammed pleaded guilty but said he was drunk and did not know what he was doing and pleaded for forgiveness.

The court, however, sentenced him to three years imprisonment based on the evidence presented by the prosecution.

  • Man Arrested At Obuasi For Stealing ‘Koobi’

A man was handed over to the police by market authorities for stealing dried salted tilapia, popularly known as ‘koobi’, at the Obuasi Central Market in the Ashanti Region.

Luck run out for the ‘koobi’ thief believed to be a member of a notorious gang that has made it their priority to rob markets in the township on the night of Thursday, July 20, 2023.

A watchman saw the suspect jump from a storey building and pursued him.

The watchman, wielding a locally manufactured security weapon, overpowered the suspect, demobilized him and retrieved the ‘koobi’.

  • Thieves Crash Car in Front of Police Station While Transporting Stolen Farm Animals

In January 2023, a group of suspected thieves crashed their getaway car in front of a police station around Anyinam.

According to police reports, the suspects had stolen 10 goats and seven sheep from Nkwawkaw. The animals were locked in the boot of a Toyota Corolla with registration number GX 9245-13.

While heading to Accra on the Nkawkaw-Anyinam road, the car crashed in front of the police station, causing some officers to surround the scene.

DSP Raymond Mahama Iddrisu, the Anyinam Police Commander, confirming the incident said the suspects, however, abandoned their car and took to their heels, leaving behind the stolen items in the car.

  • ‘Fearless’ Imposter Nabbed for Posing as a Soldier at Burma Camp

The Ghana Armed Forces(GAF) apprehended a suspect for posing as a senior military officer at the Burma Camp in Accra.

In December 2022, the man, dressed in a military camouflage uniform entered the military base in a commercial vehicle and tried to access a military installation.

Decorated with fake Lieutenant Colonel ranks, he claimed he was stationed at the Northern Command Headquarters and was proceeding to the Air Force Base to book a flight to Tamale.

After close monitoring, the guards on duty noticed his suspicious behaviour and approached him for questioning.

He, however, admitted he was not a serviceman after some incoherent answers.

Other charges for his arrest were bearing fake military identification, business cards, and other documents.

  • Fake Doctor Caught Red-handed Stealing Mobile Phones at Hospital

A 22-year-old man was arrested for allegedly stealing from patients at the Koforidua Regional Hospital in March 2023.

Gabriel Oti Ankrah, operated by wearing a lab coat and parading himself as a doctor to steal from unsuspecting victims.

On a daily basis, he terrorized the hospital by stealing laptops, mobile phones, and parts of air conditioners.

Luck however ran out for the unemployed suspect when he was questioned by a doctor during his usual morning stealing spree.

He was caught red-handed stealing a patient’s mobile phone.

He was later arraigned before a court.

  • Man Attempts to Steal VIP Bus

A man believed to be in his mid-30s attempted to steal a Grand Bird bus at Asafo in Kumasi in March 2023.

It is alleged the man tried to drive away the bus with registration number GE-2384 belonging to the V.I.P. Transport Company.

According to an eyewitness, the driver and his mate started pursuing the suspect while driving the stolen bus.

Upon sensing danger, the suspect jumped leaving the bus without a driver.

But luck eluded the suspect and he was arrested with the support of some community members and was unfortunately lynched.

  • Farmer Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With A Goat

A 23-year-old farmer at Kentey in the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti Region was arrested for allegedly having sex with a goat.

According to the police, on Saturday, May 20, 2023, the owners of the goat made a report that someone had been having sex with their nanny goats.

The complainant suspected Kwaku Atta, a farmer, but he denied his involvement in such acts.

Several weeks afterward, the suspect was caught during one of his adventures and was reported immediately to the police, who proceeded to arrest him.

Feeling embarrassed, the suspect’s wife abandoned him and left their matrimonial home.

  • Rapist Falls Deeply Asleep at Crime Scene

A 36-year-old mechanic, identified as Akwasi Owusu was arrested while deeply asleep after defiling a nine-year-old daughter of his neighbour.

The suspect dragged his helpless victim into an uncompleted building at gunpoint and forcibly had sexual intercourse with her.

According to the prosecution, the man, after satisfying his sexual desire, fell asleep.

It said the victim took advantage of that and fled from the place to inform her mother of her ordeal.

The prosecution said, the mother reported the matter to the police and the victim led the police to the scene where the convict was found deeply asleep.

He was arrested and taken to the police station.

The Asante Bekwai Circuit Court later sentenced him to 18 years in prison.

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