Bole: Dinga chief shot dead

Source The Ghana Report/Dave Alamisi

The chief of Dinga, a town close to Tinga, in the Bole District of the Savannah Region has been murdered in cold blood by an unidentified individual who shot the traditional ruler in the chest.

The late Gbandariwura Koku Nyankan, 68, was killed at about 9:00 pm on Saturday, December 7, 2019,  while he was watching television in his room.

The assailant shot through the window of the chief’s bedroom with the bullet penetrating the glass, killing the chief instantly.

The sound of the gunshot drew the attention of the chief’s family and relatives who rushed to that side of the building but did not find anyone on the compound of the house.

Upon entering the room of the chief, they discovered the lifeless body of Gbandariwura Koku Nyanka lying in a pool of blood. The remains was conveyed to the Bole Hospital for autopsy.

The deceased hails from the Pantran ethnic group and was formerly a staff of the Births and Deaths Registry department in Bole before his enskinment.

Fear has gripped residents of the town and police reinforcement had to be dispatched to the area to beef up security and maintain order.


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