Kuami Eugene performs “Nana Toaso” song with Sarkodie live

With many fans describing it as a ‘lit spectacle’ of a performance, it was believed the only place to shake off the stress of covid-19 that killed night life in Ghana in the immediate past was the +233 joint in Accra.

Friday night witnessed a crowd of cheering Fans who sang along and danced to Sarkodie’s latest hit song, ‘happy day’-featuring kuami Eugene. A song believed to be a subtle endorsement of president Nana Akufo Addo’s candidature as flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party, NPP for election 2020.

“Nana Toaso”, The Battle Is The Lord’s etc. are just a few of the catch phrases that have gradually turned into ‘national clasp slogans’ especially on the lips of pro NPP sympathizers in Ghana.

When these phrases featured prominently in Sarkodie’s latest song, ‘happy day’, many Ghanaians could not help but relate it to an outright endorsement of the 2020 NPP Presidential candidate and president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo.

The song, ‘happy day’, which has remained the most viewed YouTube video in Ghana since its release last week by one of Ghana’s most respected musicians and global sensation,  Sarkodie.

Shortly after its release, featured back up singer and Ghana’s current VGMA artiste of the year award winner, Kuami Eugene,  embarked on a series of interviews expressing his lack of knowledge on what exactly the song entailed.

He added that he did not know Sarkodie would mention any words that could suggest endorsements for any Presidential candidate.

Kuami Eugene’s proclamations angered many music lovers who wondered how he would express such ignorance after a whole video was shot with both he and Sarkodie singing to the end.

According to some music video ‘connoisseurs’, the euphoria and dance moves displayed in the music video of ‘happy day’ was clearly that of glee and a complete departure from Kuami’s claims, which smacks of immaturity.

So we ask: could it be that kuami Eugene feared what his fans in other political parties may think of his participation in a hit song endorsing the president of Ghana’s candidature as flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party-NPP?
Or maybe a mere after thought upon a clear observation on how viral the controversial ‘happy Day’ song is gone and still trending as the most viewed video in Ghana currently.

About the lyrics of ‘Happy Day’

-Lyrics of the song affirms the support of Sarkodie for President Nana Addo’s bid for a second term in office.

-In the song, rapper Sarkodie commends the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for solving Ghana’s power outage menace locally termed ‘Dumsor’.

-An aspect of the lyrics also applauds and salutes the president for implementing the Free SHS policy, which has relieved the financial burden of Ghanaian parents.

Following days of speculations over the future working relationship between Sarkodie and featured Kuami Eugene after the release of the song, the reigning artiste of the year Kuami Eugene on Friday jointly performed the endorsement hit song with rapper Sarkodie at his Hero’s Concert in Accra.

This further confused their fans due to rumors of a major possible rift between the two artistes after Kuami Eugene took to various platforms to impugn other motives.
meanwhile, The joint cheerful performance on Friday by sarkodie and Kuami came as a surprise to many and has since sealed lingering speculations that the song was indeed an endorsement for the NPP flag bearer and President of Ghana for his numerous implemented social interventions since he took office in 2016.

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