Broken Pen: A blast from my recent past

A Politician once said,”I became rich because a girl rejected me”. I’m just paraphrasing here but that’s my story.

This was one of the cutest girls I’d ever met and because we’ve been friends for so long, people thought we were dating so when  finally gathered the courage to ask her out, she agreed. it came as a complete surprise to me but i went along with it.

we dated for what I felt like a blissful life time so I decided to take things to the next level by popping the question. In my mind, marriage is what would keep a woman. Well not even marriage, commitment. But this time around she said no. According to her, she said she thought we were just having fun. She told me she thought I was good looking and sweet and all that but she would rather marry a man with six cars instead of six-pack. she then left and broke all contact with me. I used to call her so many times but she never answered, she later on blocked me.


Chale it broke me and when guys get broken heart, it’s really bad. For a long time, Lagos avenue and around the embassy in cantonments were my go-to places. If you know, you know. I used to pick up girls and just get some sexual satisfaction as a way to deal with the hurt. Don’t judge me.  When finally my ‘eye clear’, I decided to use the insults she spoke to me for motivation and strive to make it in life.


It’s been only 3 years and guess what, I’ve made it big. I landed a job in oil and gas and after my salary and bonus, I saved enough money to run a delivery business as my side gig but some habits die hard and I’m not even shy to say this but I still do hook-ups. I drive there, pick up some girl and in 2 or 3 hours we’re done. But just last week,  I picked up this scrawny-ass girl. Once in a while I go for slim girls because less work chale but when she sat down to negotiate she was quite for a bit and suddenly she mentioned my name.

This scared me because I usually use an alias but when I looked at her well and realised who it was I almost laughed! This same girl who tormented me just a couple of years ago, doing ashawo. Just like that the feeling to do anything just left me. She looked sick, smelled so bad and wasn’t even half of what I used to know.


There and then I wanted to rub it in her face. From six cars to standing on the street but something about her just didn’t look right so I asked her what she’s been up to and she started crying. She had picked up HIV/AIds from a customer after she resorted to doing hook-ups because things had gotten hard for her but she was getting worse and worse and needed money for antiretroviral medicine so she came back. This is the girl I loved, the girl I asked to marry me, looking all hopeless and smelling so bad that I wanted to vomit. I quickly gave her the money I had on me and my number to call me. Since I got home, she’s been calling and calling but I haven’t answered. I really don’t know what to do. Even though I can take care of her If I wanted to, why should I help her after all she put me through? The same girl that rejected me. Am I that wicked If I decided not to answer her calls and block her as well? Chale AIDs be some way, should I get involved?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Even tho you don’t have anything to do with her but you can still help her

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