Calls for arrest of Actor Lil Win over fatal accident deepens

In the wake of the tragic death of a three-year-old boy, Emmanuel Richard Ampomah following a head-on collision involving actor Kojo Nkansah, popularly known as Lilwin, there have been calls for the actor to be arrested and investigated.

The latest to join the calls is a group known as the Accident Victim Support Ghana, which is demanding the actor’s arrest.

The Accident Victim Support Ghana, an organisation that advocates for the rights of accident victims, is calling for accountability and justice for the young boy who lost his life in the accident.

Speaking on Joy FM midday news, the President of Accident Victim Support Ghana, Rev. Cyril Crabbe, stated that “he [Lil Win] should have been arrested by now. He should have been questioned by now. I said proper police because he should have been detained. He should not have been released. This is an accident, a head-on collision; again, he should have been detained.

According to him, even the actor being allowed to walk freely shortly after the accident with his injury was a threat to his life.

“He should not have been allowed to be walking around because he himself was hurt, so his health matters. What if he came out and died? Mind you, he is the culprit, and we are going to get him to narrate the incident. We are going to use him to investigate the accident, and here is the case: he was out there the night the case happened. The next day, he went to church, which means that this guy is fit; he should have been taken to the police so that he would be questioned.

The actor has been criticised following an official statement in which he was thanking God for his life, but sounded less sympathetic about the death of the boy.

“The next step is to visit the deceased family. There, they would have been consoled. There would have been some empathy, but you can see till date, and he is out there still talking. This is a minor, precious one as such.”

Mr Crabbe expressed worry about the increasing recklessness of celebrities or public figures on the roads, and the inability of the police to enforce road traffic laws equally.

“We are seeing too much on their side, and the police must not see their popularity as they are above the law on our roads. They must be put to order. If they are driving recklessly.

“We see, Okada [Commercial motorbikes] whenever a celebrity is coming, we see recklessness in the area of Okada and the noise and all that, which are not road safety required, and so we must check on these celebrities. So they themselves would know they are not above the law; they are also road users, and they must consider other road users as well to save lives.”.

The relatives of Emmanuel Richard Ampomah, the 3-year-old boy who tragically died in the accident have expressed outrage over the posture of the actor and his management.

According to Kofi Aboagye, the senior brother of deceased’s father, the family is offended by the dismissive and insensitive treatment they have received so far.

“We are yet to write a police statement on it. We have not concluded on the criminality of it, meanwhile Lil Win and his management have shown utter indifference towards us.”

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