Calls To Sack Hawa Koomson “Pointless” & “Needless” – NPP Chairman

The National Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Freddie Blay, say calls for the sacking of the Minister of Special Development Initiatives Minister, Mavis Hawa Koomson  were”pointless” and “absolutely needless”.

According to Mr Blay, Mrs Koomson’s actions were in self-defence to unwarranted attacks on her and her team by masked motorists invited by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to disrupt the EC registration process in her constituency.

In a statement  issued today by the party, the National Chairman said “it is most worrying to see different groups expected to be more objective in their submissions, rather fall for the propaganda and misrepresentation of the opposition NDC in relations to the matter,”  Freddy Blay said in a statement.

“The CSOs, journalists and the army of security experts commenting on this issue must resist the temptation of emotional outbursts that are likely to fuel the violent desires of the opposition NDC, creating more indiscipline among their followers during the EC registration process and subsequently, the general elections,” he added.

Mr Blay vouched for the Cabinet Minister saying, Mrs. Hawa Koomson is one of the calmest female representatives of the NPP in Parliament and there is no evidence of any sort that can suggest her to be a violent individual, even in the face of extreme provocation.

Unfortunately, the NDC’s ploy to stage confusion at registration centers across the country in their quest to discredit the electoral processes and create disaffection for the NPP, seems to be gaining momentum, he alleged.

He condemned critics for failing to evaluate the extent of fear and trauma Hawa experienced in what the chairman described as a siege on her by sufficiently outnumbered “armed hooligans hired by the NDC” to disrupt the EC registration process.

“Besides preventing the Member of Parliament from witnessing the process in her constituency, evidential attacks on her convoy clearly demonstrates premeditation of events by the opposition NDC to humiliate, intimidate and molest her” Chairman Blay asserted.

He called of on all to exercise restrain in their utterances as the Police were investigating the incident.

“Let the good people of Ghana see such enthusiasm channeled into productive discussions aimed at addressing the fundamental concerns of recklessness and provocations of the NDC during this registration process.

Mr Blay used the occassion to call the party’s leadership at the regional and constituency levels to continue exercising restrain, whilst remaining vigilant in foiling attempts by the opposition NDC to indulge in all forms of illegalities as far as the EC’s new voters’ registration process is concerned.

I equally urge the security agencies stationed at polling stations, to remain forthright in ensuring that petitioners follow due process in challenging suspected unqualified individuals desirous of registering for the new voters’ ID.

The NPP,  he said, remains open for the exploration of direct talks with the opposition NDC and other political parties on issues of common interest and concern, moving away from the normal practice of frequently engaging an arbiter in mediating affairs of political parties.

On Monday, the Minister admitted to firing shots at a voter registration center at an instance when she felt her life was threatened.

According to the MP, she did it in self-defence.

The act, however, has received massive backlash from the public with many calling for her prosecution.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Mr chairman where were the minister’s police gaurd does that mean that an NDC member or any minority member could also carry their lenced guns are and use it as at when deem their lives is under a threat as being alleged? Sir since when did Ghana became this violent? Our party should be asking itself serious questions.

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