Can you peel an orange for me?

He took this little orange from my hands, then expertly removed it’s orange skin — it’s funny thinking about it actually, removing the orange thing from an orange?

He separated it in perfect halves, also removing the annoying white thing left from the orange’s skin, just as I thought he was gonna give it to me — he took a bite; then ran to the kitchen.

This scenery is lovely, outside this big window are the plants, swinging and dancing with the wind; there’s also this little kid with a green bike learning how to ride it; the sun also shines brightly, with the clouds serving as it’s blanket masking it’s brightness.

With little voices clouding my mind, his voice serves as an alarm — his arms offering a plate, with the peeles oranges and…. salt?

“It’s too sour, I heard it’s better with salt this way.”

Holding the oranges, I hope that I could just put it in my pocket and keep it for the longest, but I took a bite; savoring the salty taste that the salt makes, followed with the taste of the orange itself.

I could share a garden of clementine with you, but they could never be as sweet as you. This is what love feels like huh?

I’ll peel you a piece of tangerine,

Or maybe clementine,

Maybenot a piece,

How many you want it to be?

Not only tangerine and clementine,

I’ll serve you every fruit you want it to be,

I’ll offer you a slice,

All without a price

As I held the oranges in my hands, peeling it with utmost care because I know how she didn’t like to eat ruined oranges. The pieces come apart neatly — she doesn’t know that peeling oranges for her is a silent way to say I love you.

A quick trip to the kitchen is the key to the best oranges, take the salt and dip the orange.

“It’s too sour, I heard it’s better with salt this way.” I researched. I read that if that fruit is too sour, it’s better with a pinch of salt .

I know it’s a small thing, but that look in her face when I offer to peel that orange for her is everything, I know that look —that’s how I look at her. It’s never a “small thing” wanting to make someone’s life easier even with the small thing is a big thing.

I’ll peel oranges neatly, with utmost care so it wouldn’t be ruined, the pieces will come apart neatly, without the white thing left in it. I’ll do it for you as long as I exist.

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