Chamber of Fertilizer endorses new brand of fertilizer introduced to the Ghanaian market

The Chamber of Fertilizer Ghana has stated that it will support the agricultural sector with quality fertilizers to help boost food production.

The promise was made after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Accra to supply Sonagro Fertilizers to the Ghanaian market.

The product, which can be used for the production of cereal crops, and vegetables is already available on the market.

Speaking to Joy Business, the CEO of the Chamber of Fertilizer, Prince Akoto-Adipah said the introduction of the quality Sonagro Fertilizers will help farmers increase yields at an affordable price.

Mr. Akoto-Adipah announced that Sonagro NPKs are compound fertilizer and imported from Russia.
“It is easily dissolvable, bagged in laminated sacks with rubber inside lining, which makes it weather resistant. It also has the ability to endure harsh weather conditions when it comes to storage”, he assured.

He explained that an MoU was signed with some of the biggest farming organisation serving all categories of farmers nationwide.

He stated that the Sonagro Fertilizers are perfect for Ghana’s soil and has the highest quality input.
“What this means is that quality Sonagro Fertilizers would be made accessible to all Ghanaian farmers at very affordable prices to help their boost production”, he said.

He pointed out that the target market is firstly to ensure Sonagro Fertilizers become a household name in every home in Ghana as a first option when it comes to soil nutrients needs and to later scale to the sub-region.

He entreated all farmers to contact the company through agribizafricaltd24@gmail.com

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