Cina Soul tackles abuse in relationships on new track ‘Killi Mi’ [Video]

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Ghanaian singer and songwriter Cina Soul has released a new single titled ‘Killi Mi’.

The Universal Music Group Nigeria artiste in the song and its accompanying visuals makes a passionate and bold statement, as she tackles the topic of abuse in relationships.

‘Killi Mi’ is the 23-year-old musician’s first major single of the year.

The song offers a Highlife and Fuji music feel, complete with bass guitar, strings, and saxophone, creating a sound that is reminiscent of the Fela era.

The beat, produced by NiiQuaye highlights the musician’s distinct and stunning vocal range. The musician infuses aspects of her culture by mixing English and her native language Ga throughout the track.

The song comes with powerful visuals, in which we see a physically and emotionally abusive relationship unfold.

The video takes viewers through a range of emotions including love, hate, infatuation, power, obsession, anger, and passion as it knits together the story of a woman’s struggle to break free from a toxic cycle.

The video also stays true to the afro-centric vibe we expect from the song, in its sets, scenes, and styling.

The artist, who is passionate about raising awareness about abusive relationships, does not only do so in the song and video. Cina Soul continues to hold workshops on abuse online on platforms like Instagram, and offline in the form of seminars.

‘Killi Mi’ highlights Cina Soul’s elevated artistry and gift for storytelling, putting her in the ranks of artists to watch.

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